The last draw is not the worst news that Flamingo Ceará |  Brings from  Mansoor Blog

The last draw is not the worst news that Flamingo Ceará | Brings from Mansoor Blog

It is a fact that Hugo missed an important step, which had already been taken in the derby against Botafogo. Your position will be discussed, which is part of the game. But after the draw in Fortaleza, it is important for Flamingo to keep in mind that the goalkeeper’s mistake was the result of long minutes in which, out of team control, there was a moment of reflection about what happened on the field. Hugo is a clear point of concern, whether technical or emotional. But the red-black team, at this point in the season, faces a major collective order problem. In the second half of the tie with Ceará, they lost the ability to impose.

David Luiz tries to block shot in tie with planet – Photo: Thiago Gadilla / SVM

It is not easy to analyze the causes in a catastrophic weather like the current one. Because, among other things, the reds and blacks seemed powerless to compete. And in Brasileirão, where the oscillator shakes the table from top to bottom in a crazy sequence of matches, it is possible to recognize that the legs have gained weight. The physical problem is not disposable.

But it is also important to note that Flamingo’s best moments in the game have already occurred between the coexistence of strengths and weaknesses. In the first phase, there was a bit more control over aggressive production. The Flamingos were the best team at Castello until halftime. Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person. In aggressive plots, it was far from a creative avalanche. Even in front of a Ceará that provided space for quick transfers.

Without the ball, Flamingo showed signs of inconsistency that have plagued the team this season. This is different from fluctuations in concentration, which could lead to Ceará’s first goal, when the team was slow to respond to a quick free kick in midfield. The defensive line behaves badly in many moments, either because of the way it controls its depth, or because of the space it gives when it runs backwards, or because it has a Exposed in a team that is not always compact. Sometimes, even in the back, the flamingo is not very aggressive in marking.

And since this season everything is complicated by physical factors, Paulo Sousa argued that he had to make drastic changes in the field with the departure of Isla and David Luiz. These are the questions to consider. However, before that, he had already taken out Erton Lucas, who was having a hard time defending. He ended the game with a very different defense than the one he started.

In the second half, the red and black seemed ready to keep the ball and limit the risks. But after about 15 minutes, the team began to lose control and watched the game play longer near their defensive line. Once again, defensive midfielders – in this case, Arão and João Gomes – are forced to cover a large part of the field, which helps to imagine a team losing strength. Hugo worked before Nano Peraba’s free kick failed to determine the tie.

Ultimately, the goal is a cool shower, but not the worst for Flamingo when you think about the rest of the year. The point is that the game with Botafogo, the most recent match in which Robro Negro used his basic form, showed some signs of evolution. But Fortaleza’s 2-2 retreat felt like a setback. Aside from the excluded points, growth was disappointing. And in Brazilian football frenzy 2022, time is nobody’s friend.

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