The leak reveals exclusive NPCs, billions of dollars in company purchases and more.

The new GTA 6 leaked on the web

The Rock star games Gained fame by naming your hit GTA. When the players first saw Liberty City Grand Theft Auto 3 In 2001, very few people predicted that this would be the beginning of a series that would push the boundaries of immersion, scale and player freedom. As a developer, Rockstar never liked to work on previous titles, preferring to create new mechanics for each release and improve their best ideas. GTA 6 It is currently in production and is likely to increase further.

When version 6 of the game was announced, the franchise owner announced updates to his fans about the game. With its unparalleled longevity GTAVWe know that many of you ask us about a new title for the series. Grand Theft Auto. With each new project we start, our goal is always to go beyond what we’ve already provided – and we’re happy to confirm that the next GTA 6 Happening “

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Now according to the website, Normal, U / GTA_VI_Leak has released new information about the game in progress. He explains that the leaves will fall from the trees, the wind will have a dynamic effect on the objects inside the game, and clothing, hair and trash will be realistically affected. Therefore, the game is likely to depend on the seasons.

GTA VI will have a number of sports organizations, foreign billionaires, known for illegal contacts, one of whom owns a team. You NPCs Grand Theft Auto 6 will live your life and follow a routine that can be dynamic. For example, an NPC might be in an office from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., pausing for an hour to relax or do something else.

Online mode companies will soon be available at the launch of the new Grand Theft Auto Online. GTA 6However, this mode will be released later after the story mode. The mission will be more challenging, and the character will have a weaker life, however, the amount NPCs Due to their better artificial intelligence, the missions will also be reduced a bit more.

The main characters of the game will be able to call the hens as reinforcements, and the player will be able to choose them. NPCs As protection or backup. The female character, Rose, will be able to call the police for help, as she works at the Vice City Police Station. These officers will use a more defensive stance in missions where they are available.

The Rose You can also call NOOSE Tactical Support, however, this service is expensive, but on the other hand, NOOSE officers are very well trained and have excellent equipment. A similar system will be in place for FIBs. It also shows how much it will cost some of the companies on the map. GTA 6.

– The cost of France International Airport is $ 20,000,000,000.
– The cost of Escobar International Airport is US $ 12,000,000,000.
Rich Tower is valued at $ 4,500,000,000.
– Yousef Amir Plaza is valued at $ 1,000,000,000.
-Von Crastenburg Hotel is priced at $ 500,000,000.
– The Voice City Country Club costs $ 450,000,000.
– Cotton Mouth Penitentiary costs $ 100,000,000.
– Liberty Lockup costs 40,000,000.

Laker also claims that some deals can be bought from the characters’ friends, and that they can negotiate their prices. So, if you maintain a positive relationship, you guarantee better prices. The player can also affect the prices of companies, for example by burning down the Van Kirstenberg Hotel or harming people inside the establishment.

It was also stated that the story mode has to be completed 100%. GTA 6, The player must purchase all residential and commercial properties. Vice City has an indoor race track where licensed drivers can compete for cash prizes. There will be big events like concerts and music festivals, featuring game and real world musicians.

The Rose You will be able to accumulate some wealth and fame where these conditions will open the door for the character to enter some VIP places where he mingles with the stars and elites of the Vice City. On the other hand, you can also give money to homeless people, and this gesture can help change some people’s lives. NPCs Who will thank the character later. Comedy shows will return with real comedians, as happened in Grand Theft Auto 4.

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