The leak reveals several images of the alleged Silent Hill remake.

The leak reveals several images of the alleged Silent Hill remake.

Konami was in a hurry to remove the content from the networks.

Is known for his hit and miss in the prophecies connected with the universe. The devil of the abodeInternal Good evening Among those who insist that Konami Silent Hill is developing a new game in the universe. After months of speculation, it released last Thursday (12) what it looks like. Several leaked photos of the new project Which was soon removed by the lawyers of the Japanese company.

Shortly thereafter, Dusk Golem blocked his account on the social network and had to delete the content to reuse it. The Internet has grown faster than the lawyers of Konami, and Images have already been taken and reproduced through various websites.Like we are Xbox.

According to insiders, The screenshots released are somewhat old and date back to 2020 when the project was already underway.. “I know many of you will doubt that, but I have a lot of personal evidence to show that it is real and, as always, I look forward to the revelation of the Silent Hill game. Will“, They said.

Photos taken by DMCA.

The element that connects the released images to Konami is the fact that they were taken down at the request of the DMCA, which means that They are protected by company copyright.. If it weren’t for that, the company would still have the means to remove airborne material, but the process would not be so quick.

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The authenticity of the pictures seems to have been confirmed. Tom HallettCurrent Developer The way forward Worked with کونامی in the past. On his Twitter account, he said, “If there are many people in a studio who are sending material to a well-known writer, then they are not professional enough to do justice to the game.

As well as other recent information about the Silent Hill universe, The statement issued by Disk Golem should be carefully interpreted.. Although many rumors have been circulating in the past about possible partnerships and sequels, none of them have been confirmed so far and, Officially, Konami still keeps the series “in the fridge” – Except for creation Licensed Items.


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