The LED token takes the exhibition into exposhopping.

June 21, 2022

The exhibitionHeld by the fair Embrace Directed the sector. Shopping center Starting this Wednesday, 06/22, presents itself as one. Opportunity Unique for Relationship With all ChainEspecially responsible people Acquisition And Innovations Be implemented in Malls.

The ledA pioneer in providing LED panels And Creative solutions For the sector, will be present at the event, the benefits of which will be presented. Visual communication InteractiveWhich connects the public to the information or advertising that causes them to use the advertised product.

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“Communications change because of needs and changes in consumer behavior, so it’s important to think about something that is not static. Giving users a visual experience is to engage them and motivate them to learn more.” As a result, there is greater access and recognition of what is being spread, “he said. Richard Albanese, CEO of TheLED.

Another high point in participation led That is, the company will hold an exhibition of several works. NFT Different artists from the current scenario.

Exhibit partnerships include startups. StormWhich aims to promote accessibility. Health, science, Education And Financial inclusion Collectively and will present artwork created by multidisciplinary creators and available for sale on the Global Pandemic Shield website.

APB. ArtsCreated by two friends who converted physical art to digital to reach as many people as possible, it is also one of its partners. TheLed..

“We believe that the impact of NFT will allow visitors to gain a better understanding and knowledge of art and how to attract more consumers to the entertainment and commercial space will lead to change,” said Albanisi. “It simply came to our notice then.

The led Brazil is a major provider of digital visual communications for the sector. The company’s client portfolio includes large chains such as MultiPlan, BR Malls, as well as retail chains such as Herring, Riacholo, C&A, and others.

At the company’s standpoint, participants will have the opportunity to learn about all the solutions it offers, as well as to understand the specific advances made for each client.

Because of this innovative vision of communication, led Was selected as Government supplier And for the special LED panels Gives exhibition.

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