The man went to the doctor with severe leg pain and was diagnosed with terminal cancer: ‘I had four days to live.’

From big toe pain to terminal stage cancer. This is what Richard Bernstein, a 62-year-old man from New Jersey, lived in the United States. In an interview with the New York Post, published last Tuesday (14), the retiree said he began to feel pain in the area five years ago.

On a visit to the podiatrist, the possibility of a broken bone was ruled out. “I thought my leg was broken but the doctor didn’t find anything wrong.”Richard told the newspaper. Two years later the pain reached her ankle. He then saw a doctor of sports medicine, who thought that the patient had a condition called stenosis – narrowing of the spaces inside the spinal cord, which is usually treated with physical therapy. Is.

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Richard’s scan shows kidney cancer on the right and thrombus on the left. (Photo: Northwell Health Hospital / New York Post)

The pain in his feet and ankles continued, and his movements were slightly affected. Then, in March 2022, his right leg swelled completely. He went to his GP, who scanned his stomach during the exam. The doctor immediately referred him to a specialist. Michael Grasso, director of urology at Phelps Hospital, broke the shocking news. “He told me I had four days to live.”Remembered Bernstein.

Examination revealed that the man had a large tumor in his kidney and a tumor was thrombus (blood clot). The latter grows through the renal vein and fills the vena cava, which is the main vessel that carries blood to the heart. In addition, Richard’s two major coronary arteries were 99% blocked, and his liver was failing because cancer was interfering with organ function. “He was walking down a narrow path.”The doctor said.

According to Grasso, the closure of veins due to tumors and thrombi is the only explanation for pain in the retiree’s foot, as the symptoms of liver cancer usually appear at an advanced stage of the tumor.

Three doctors performed emergency surgery which took about 12 hours. Cardiothoracic surgeon in addition to Grosso. Jonathan Hamley and vascular surgeon Alfie Caruccio. The tumor and tumor thrombus were about 30 cm long and weighed about 1.2 kg. “I would have died if my whole leg had not been swollen.”Bernstein said.

Bernstein’s kidney, tumor and tumor thrombus were removed. (Photo: Northwell Health Hospital / New York Post)

After the tumor was removed, doctors ruled out, for now, Richard needed chemotherapy, who is already walking alone and recovering from the surgery – in the process he lost about 30 kg. Has gone “My advice is that if something bothers you, no one will stop you from making a diagnosis. Trust your instincts.”Declared a noble man.

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