The meeting, filmed by Netflix, had “theatricality.”

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Topic in K Pedak Formula 1 after the Canadian GP There is a hot Saturday meeting between the team owners, which ended. Tutu Wolf Hurricane Katrina, saying the attitude of his colleagues was “regrettable” in the frivolous debate. But stop Christian HornerThere were “elements of theatricality” in this meeting, because of the presence of cameras. Netflix.

Saturday breakfast is a regular occurrence. F1 CEO Stefano Dominicli. With team leaders. In Canada, the meeting revolved around purporting and technical guidance from the FIA.

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After the meeting, Wolff said the attitude of the rival team owners was “regrettable” and “misleading”, arguing that they were playing a political game while saying they were concerned about driver safety issues. Are worried about

There was less noise than the other teams. Mercedes About possible FIA ​​intervention, in particular Red BullWhich seems to suffer less from porpoising than others.

But as the meeting progressed, it was pointed out to Wolf that some teams, especially Ferrari And AlpineFeel that the directive represents a violation of the rules, and the fact that Mercedes already has another metal fastening rod represents a violation.

Horner reportedly advised Wolff that the problem with Mercedes’ porting was in the car’s concept rather than the rules, which the British later reiterated in an interview, and that it was up to the German team to rectify the situation. Is.

This was the first meeting between the team leaders involving the production team of the series. Netflix Drive to stay alive.Which is currently shooting the fifth season to be released in 2023. Wolf was followed by cameras over the weekend in Montreal.

Asked by If it was nice to have a Netflix movie in a private meeting, Horner said: “I think there were theatrical elements in that meeting. You know, maybe with Lewis’ new movie. [Hamilton] Coming out, they’re getting it ready. “

Tutu Wolf, Team Principal and CEO, Mercedes AMG

Photo by: Carl Bingham / Motorsport Images

Mike CreekHead of Austin MartinHe said the meeting was “a little emotional for some people” which caused tension during the discussion.

In response to technical instructions, Mercedes installed a second metal attachment rod in the W13 to reduce porpoising, but removed the device before FP3 on Saturday. Some teams questioned whether it was allowed by the rules, and the German team did not prefer to risk the protest.

There were also concerns about the timing of the introductions from the teams, as the FIA ​​issued a directive as Paddock traveled to Montreal. Horner believes that porpoising will always be an issue in Azerbaijan and Canada, but “it did not feel like an issue in the race.”

“There’s a process of introducing these things. I think what was particularly disappointing was the second stem. It has to be discussed in a technical forum, and it’s about solving the same team problem.” Feeling we have ‘Run out of gas’ emotionally. It’s just a matter of time before we get to the finals.

Video: Is it okay to complain about Mercedes porpoising?

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