The Metawors Fashion Week event brings together fashion shows from Metawors.

The Metawors Fashion Week event brings together fashion shows from Metawors.

March 24-27, 2022 Metavers Fashion Week. At the end of 2021, in a virtual region, D. Central Land BRL for fashion events sold over 13 million and, this month, the platform – which enables the negotiation of assets and digital real estate packages, as well as other types of interactions, including games, Promotes, including art exhibitions and stores. First Fashion Week in Metavers.

Metaverse is also the organization of Fashion Week. UNXDA luxury marketplace responsible for growth. NFTsAn exclusive Dolce & Gabbana token collection was introduced in September and sold for 7 5.7 million.

This is not the first event hosted on the platform, which has already hosted a show with 40,000 people. De Santra Land has also shown interest. The world of fashion With other measures, however Digital Fashion Week The platform will serve as a test for brands to experiment with technologies and new market prospects.

Since this is the first edition, there are many questions in the air about its operation. Below are some details on what to expect from the event and what to look for when completing it:

What will the ceremony be like?

Four days Metavers Fashion Week It will be marked by fashion shows, showrooms, stores, lectures and other virtual events. So far, only Dolce & Gabbana Already confirmed as a participant, but there are strong rumors that Burberry, Hugo Boss, Balenciaga, Pico Robin and Tommy Hilfiger Will be part of the lineup.

Buyable and wearable items online MetaversThe so-called skins will be presented and sold throughout the event. Brands also have the potential to replicate some of the models in the physical world – this is one of the topics that arouses the most curiosity, as brands will integrate virtual with physical. In addition to watching the virtual parade, participants will have access to live music sessions.

The creation of this type of event in Metavers makes it possible to create pieces that are never imagined in the real world, new unexpected scenarios for fashion shows and expansion of existing boundaries in the organization of fashion shows. ۔ The atmosphere will be unique, you can bet.

How to participate

Anyone can participate in the event, just access the platform. Polite andFrom a computer, using Google Chrome, Firefox or Brave. To get the full experience, you must have an Ethereum digital wallet, which acts as a personal account and allows users to purchase wearable items.

To facilitate access, the platform has created an FAQ (a place that answers frequently asked questions) that includes all the information and event announcements needed to help users.


Since this is the first version of the event, there are many questions about how it works and how to open it. Metavers Fashion Week – Highlights points that can be analyzed during presentations. One of the realities of the conversation is that the virtual experience is not always the same as the real world, which can create disinterest and, first of all, the lack of return on investment for those who chose this presentation model. ۔

Also, when you attend an event in person, the blows are the same for everyone there. However, in virtual programming, everyone can compromise their experience due to other people’s conditions, such as connection, use of computer and the environment in which they find themselves.

But the biggest discussion is about the impact this kind of event will have on small producers. Despite not presenting numbers, we know that adapting a collection to metaverse requires a certain amount of technology, which investment Although the digital world democratizes many situations, such as the freedom of expression or the possibility of unnecessary participation in a fashion show, adapting to new market requirements is only possible for big players.

Another factor is that, even though the events are open to the public – remember that only for those who have access to the Internet – brands can already monetize invitations, VIP access and front row seats. Looking for ways.

It’s all new and uncertain, but it’s important. Epidemic disease was a factor in accelerating the implementation of such fashion productions, but we will know the results only when we participate. So we’ll wait for the 24th the next day.

(Via: Harper’s Bazaar)

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