The mother accused the SP of neglecting the hospital’s efforts to deliver the baby in a normal birth: “She was screaming that she needed a caesarean section.” Video | More health

Adriana Suely da Paulo Navarrete, 23, was expecting to leave the hospital dos estivadores in Santos, off the coast of Sao Paulo, with her first child in her arms, but tests showed she was OK. Health He accused the hospital of medical malpractice. (Watch the video below)

Adriana was 40 weeks pregnant. [nove meses] And she developed high blood pressure, which led to, according to her, receiving a letter from the hospital regarding her admission to the hospital on June 14. Her only wish was a cesarean section. [parto por cirurgia]But at the hospital dos estivadores, he was instructed to have a normal delivery..

A Guaruja resident, who is also on the coast of Sao Paulo, said he chose to keep his daughter in Santos because he knew the women who gave birth at the Hospital Dos Estevadores and he himself. Wanted to feel safe. Adriana added that she had a lot of confidence in the professionals who left her very calm.

“[Eles estavam] Always say that everything is going well, all the time, in all the exams, in all the cardio [para verificar os batimentos cardíacos]”, He said.

Adriana even revealed that she heard encouraging phrases during a normal birth attempt: ‘Mom, look, everything is perfect, your baby is perfect. You’re perfect, that’s fine. This may take some time, as is the case with the first child. Hard work takes time, induction takes time, this is what happens in induction..

She said she spent three days in hospital and took five pills to relieve labor, but on the day of her birth, last Thursday (16), she began to have pain at dawn and, at about 11 o’clock, had a caesarean section. went. When they found out about the baby’s death.

“The pain I started to feel was unbearable. [enfermeiras] It calmed me down a lot: ‘Mom, go for a hot shower and it’ll get better.’ I went to the shower, I stayed in the shower for a few minutes, about an hour, no one saw me, no doctor, or nothing, I just stood there with my mother screaming in pain and saying: “I want a caesarean, for God’s sake, I have to have a caesarean, I can’t take it.”

Adriana remembers hearing the baby’s heartbeat 20 minutes before starting surgery. “You know when you realize around you that no one understands what’s going on? The doctor went out of orbit. I was also addicted, because I heard people talking, I heard things happening around me, but I couldn’t react, “he recalls.

To g1, He said he heard “1, 2, 3 breaths” for about 40 minutes, but the baby was neither breathing nor crying. “I don’t even have my daughter’s birth certificate.”Sorry.

The family has lodged a report with the police and sought clarification. The case was registered in the 4th police district of Santos, where the case is being investigated.

The mother lost her daughter in childbirth and accused the hospital of negligence

Answer from Hospital dos Estivadores.

Estivadores Hospital Complex, through its multi-professional technical team, reported that the patient and his family members received comprehensive care, assistance and reception in connection with the case in question, and provided all the information available so far. Will be provided by the organization, until the technical analysis of the event is completed.

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