The mother of a child admitted to the ICU with dengue warned the population.

In 2022, 206 confirmed cases of dengue were recorded in Bragança Paulista. This means that the number of cases increased by more than 300% in 2021 compared to last year.

In Atibia, a 19-year-old girl died of the disease and the death of Bragança Paulista is under investigation, the health department has not yet released the age and neighborhood of the victim.

One of the 206 people bitten by the Aedes aegypti mosquito, a mosquito that spreads dengue and urban yellow fever, was 9-year-old Giovanna, who lives in the Quinta dos and Henidos neighborhood in Breganca Palista.

She remained in the hospital for about a week, until she had to stay in the ICU (intensive care unit) bed, until fortunately, she was discharged yesterday (22).

The M.Pawta report spoke by phone with Giovanna’s mother, Raisa Cipriano, who informed the population about the symptoms of dengue and the need for immediate medical attention. He also made an appeal about basic sanitation, which did not happen in his neighborhood, where there are many dirty spaces where water can accumulate.


Little Giovanna showed the first signs on Sunday (12). As reported by the mother, there used to be pain in the arms and legs (in the joints); Then, too much headache on Monday (13), unable to tolerate light, and high fever on Tuesday (14), always above 39ºC.

“The pain got worse. After that she stopped eating and drinking. I was very scared and because she has a basic respiratory disease, she couldn’t do the necessary daily exercises, which turned into bacterial pneumonia,” Raisa said. Said.

From Tuesday to Friday, the family sought treatment at home with family doctors, but on Friday (17) when they went to the hospital, Giovanna had to go straight to the ICU. “Despite the controlled state of respiration, the most obvious symptom was dengue. It had all the symptoms of dengue, except for its skin spots,” Raisa said.

“We can’t let him go. I waited about five days to take him to the emergency room, even though there was medical supervision at home. But we can’t let time pass. We should get help from the hospital as soon as possible.” The mother said, now she has finally returned home with her daughter.


According to the Ministry of Health, the main symptoms of dengue are:

  • High fever over 38 ° C
  • Body and joint pain
  • Pain behind the eyes
  • Anxiety
  • Loss of appetite
  • Headache
  • Red spots on the body
Dirty municipal land

In the Quinta dos Vinhedos neighborhood, where the family lives, there are many dirty empty lots, they report: “I have at least six empty lots in my street”.

And it was on one of those plots, right next to Giovanna’s house, there was Aedes Egypt’s “cloud of mosquitoes.”

According to Raeesa, water was accumulating in an abandoned dog house. “When we went to the little house, it was full of dengue mosquitoes and larvae. It was terrible,” he told M.Powta.

“At least we need it. This notion of coexistence, dirt not only affects you, it affects the whole neighborhood. We need to be more aware, because there is dengue and it can be fatal.” The girl’s mother appealed to the family of Braganca Palista.

Health Surveillance has not yet been seen at the family’s residence and the land is littered. Things that could collect water were eliminated by the girl’s family.

Updated data

As of June 21, of the 206 cases registered in Bragança Paulista, 190 were autochthonous, according to the municipal health department. 15 imported and one unspecified.

In 2018, there were only 15 confirmed cases. In 2019, 51 cases; There was an explosion of cases in 2020, but less than this year, with 194 records and, last year, in 2021, 44 cases of dengue in Braganca Palista.

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