The narcissist, Sini, “assumed” victory over Palmyra. “I kept my faith. No one knows as much about Sao Paulo as I do” – Prism

Sao Paulo Brazil

No one has won yesterday’s classic more than Rogério Ceni.

He was assassinated by the media, rightly, in a 2-1 defeat at the hands of Brazil on Monday in Mormbe, at the hands of Palmyra. After the defeat, some Sao Paulo fans cursed him like a donkey.

The coach who set up Sao Paulo very well, and who beat the best team in South America 1-0, left only his team behind. He developed alternatives that boosted his defenses. And he was defeated.

From his playing days, he has always been very personal. Angry with criticism. An excellent goalkeeper, he had few opportunities in the national team due to his tough, often arrogant, angry and difficult to meet. But he established himself as the greatest idol in the history of Sao Paulo.

He spent 25 years as an athlete, first sleeping under the Mormbay Stand, where a dormitory for twenty athletes was located. Then, at the Twelve Funda Training Center, where he still enjoys spending the night studying opponents.

He was not satisfied with this festival of criticism and yet, with yesterday’s 1-0 victory over Palmeiras in the first match of the Copa du Brazil’s Round of 16, he took revenge.

It was his turn to make fun of the press, who dared to blame the coach for the defeat.

Saini explained that the time, following the same criteria, was to pay tribute to the coach, who was largely responsible for the victory. That is, himself.

It taught a lesson of narcissism.

“Sometimes people like to attack the coach because he represents the organization too much. I guarantee that the boy who can best represent the organization in this difficult time is here. But I understand. You (journalists) hit me hard, but I’m made to be beaten like that. I choose. The club can choose to take me out. But working with the club is a job I know. Am I sorry? You won’t find anyone who knows as much and works as hard. “

But there was more.

“The biggest lesson I had was to believe in myself. Second-class players are just like today.

“same as.

According to you (journalists) in 194 minutes (in both games) we were ahead or even better with the best team in South America. In just one minute, Palmyra was ahead. I had to believe in (my) belief and work. “

Sini left no stone unturned in praising the fact that all the decisions that led Sao Paula to victory were made by one man. Himself.

“This morning (yesterday) I spoke to Belmont, he called me to his room, I sat down and he said to me: ‘I want you to relax, the decision is entirely yours. Is.

“We will be with you if you want to keep the team fully in reserve. If you want to have a starter, we will support you. Whatever you decide, the club directors will respect that.” These were the words he said. Me .. “

Because he chose the starters and defeated Palmyra.

And he also revealed that he forced his team to stay focused during the 90 minutes of the game.

“If you don’t play against Palmyra with a lot of concentration, which is a beautiful team, you will hardly have a chance to beat them. We have been here since last year, we have played against them six times. We won three and lost three.

“For a team that has been given, and I deserve, as the best in the United States, I think we kept the balance against Palmyra. The changes were right in the past and today’s match. “

Careful, Rogério Ceni knows he made a big mistake on Monday, blaming the players for the defeat. Emphasizing that the team lost in two sets. And as a coach, he couldn’t do anything about the players’ decision-making.

“(I) have to admire their (my players’) ability in the last match and in this one. Their dedication, their determination.”

But the coach had the last chance to catch anyone who criticized him in Monday’s defeat. For Rogerio Senni, who did not agree to step down from Sao Paulo, who dominated Palmeiras in the Brazilian game, it was a matter of finding a ‘choice’.

“(Football coach) It’s a public profession and it’s natural for you to face criticism. People are looking for likes, making other calls. We proved today that we played a good game on Monday and we have a strategy. Was right

“Today we had the same team, the same ideas and we were happy to win. But that’s why the vision of the people is the same. Win or lose, we go. We have a lot of people in the medical department. “We would have had a better chance of success if they had healed the injured players,” he said.

To make matters worse for Rogério Ceni, Arboleda suffered a serious injury to his left ankle yesterday. And there’s a good chance you’ll be away for months. Even your participation in the World Cup is dangerous …


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