The NBA coach of the year has already given up basketball after the family tragedy and Popovich ‘saved’ him.

The NBA coach of the year has already given up basketball after the family tragedy and Popovich ‘saved’ him.

It was at the hands of his son that Monte Williams received the Coach of the Year award. In the middle of training, he was surrounded by players and his family hugged him. The Phoenix Sons coach won the award with some delay. Monty deserved the award early last season and saw the award come this year as the NBA completed its 75th season. Symbolic for a coach who has had to go through a lot to break a court record, make a name for himself in history and change a franchise that has been “forgotten” for years.

Monte Williams quits basketball after family tragedy and is 'saved' by Greg Popovich - Photo: NBA / Disclosure / NDMonte Williams quits basketball after family tragedy and is “saved” by Greg Popovich – Photo: NBA / Disclosure / ND

With the arrival of the coach, the Sons changed their tack and moved on to becoming a franchise that completed the team-building table with the best campaign in the league. In his first year, he set an 8-0 record on the Bubbles, was knocked out of the playoffs by “a little” and indicated that the work would be completed in Arizona. The following year, he reached the NBA Finals, and this season, when the NBA recognized the greatness of his work, he became the best campaigner and league leader in franchise history.

The Suns have Game 7 beyond Luka Doncic’s Dallas Mavericks to explain the history of their season, but nothing like what happened in the last three. This is because the Monte Williams family was flexible and strong enough to cope with the tragedy. Not alone. He helped with one hand, which moved forward and pulled him back to the basketball. Hand? From the legendary Greg Popovich.

The COY for the 2021/2022 season suffered a sudden tragedy that shook all of its structures and its entire family. Monte, a father of five, was an assistant coach for the Oklahoma City Thunder in 2016 and received news that changed his life and could snatch the coach’s intelligence from NBA fans. His wife, Ingrid Williams, died in a serious accident on February 10. A car flashed a red light at an intersection and collided with a 44-year-old car driven by Ingrid.

At his partner’s funeral, he shed light on the apology from the driver’s family who reported the accident and who was killed in the collision. “This family did not want to harm my wife. Life is difficult, it was very difficult, but we do not want the family to be harmed,” he said at the time.

Monty and Ingrid had five children who were suddenly torn apart by their mother. The coach walked away from the basketball. At the end of the season, OKC officially announced that the current assistant would not return to the NBA.

Five months after the OKC’s announcement, Monty was appointed by San Antonio Spurs as vice president of operations, and from there, everything changed. And he knows and recognizes who was responsible for changing his life, which seemed to have lost its meaning, on the path to victory and evolution.

Monte specializes in preparing his players. Sons’ seasons and performances show what a coach’s hand can do with players who have the skills and need to be adults.

But, before he could change the sun, it was Greg Popovich’s hand that saved him. “He was the only person who not only offered me a job, he gave me a chance to get a safe haven. Pop was the only person who took the necessary action and prevented me from making a bad decision. He has been in my life for 25 years and I love him as a family, “he said in an interview in 2019, when he was already at Sons. As a coach and one of the most successful coaches in NBA history, he was facing legendary pop.

Monty landed in Phoenix in May of that year, and if Pope saved him and changed his pace, he did the same for the Sons.

The team has been seen as a joke in the NBA for years, and the arrival of the coach changed that story. The first year of “Identity” and a series of eight wins that saw the world more closely in Arizona, which already had talented players. In its second year, Stability, Chris Paul and the arrival of the NBA Finals.

This season, the best campaign in franchise history, with 64 wins and only 18 losses, deserves league leadership and COY awards.

The award carries a lifetime of love for basketball. The love that forced her to return after causing irreparable damage and piercing the lives of the whole family. The prize was easily won. Monte had 458 points in the election, followed by Taylor Jenkins with 270 points. Spoilstra closed in the top 3 with 72 points.

Surrender could not have been done elsewhere, with other witnesses. The family that came together to pick up the pieces after the tragedy, the team that he is making history with. A delivery in court in which he forms a team that has been reborn like this.

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