The Palmyra are constantly stacking up victories and owning the biggest unbeaten series in the world

By beating Sao Paulo 2-1, for Brasileirão, Palmeiras proved unbeaten in 19 matches.. Of all the elite clubs in the world, the team led by Able Ferreira tops the rankings without losing.


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The last time Verdão left the field without a point in the account was on April 9, more than two months ago. At the time, he had lost 3-2 to Ceará in Allianz Park, Brazil’s first round.

In those 19 games, there are 15 wins, two against the Independiente Petrolero-BOL and the Emelec-EQU, and one against the Deportivo Táchira-VEN, for the Libertadores, plus qualifying for the Round of 16 of the Copa du Brazil at Juazeirense-BA. To do .

The rest of the victories were for Brasileirão and were against Corinthians, RB Bragantino, Juventude, Santos, Botafogo, Coritiba, Atlético Goianiense and Sao Paulo itself.

Also, during this time, there were four draws by Verdão. Able also went to the locker room for the national team with one point against Goiás, Flamengo, Fluminense and Atlético-MG.

As of last Sunday, another Brazilian was second on the list. The internationals did not lose in 16 games, but lost 3-2 to Botafogo in Beira-Rio. Ceará has lost 11 matches without knowing who he is and is one of the runners-up, as well as Brugge (BEL), Monaco (FRA), Daegu (COR) and New York City (USA).

Sao Paulo, until last week, shared the position with Palmeiras. But Morambi’s side lost to Botafogo away from home, and now have seven wins, eight draws and two defeats in their last 17 fights.

The 19-match series is already the longest unbeaten series of the Able Ferreira era in Palmyra, as well as the longest after 20 games unbeaten under the command of Vanderley Luxemburgo between July and October 2020.

Alvarez has lost just three times in the last 46 games, with 33 wins and ten draws during that time, and has won 14 of the last 16. During this period as a guest, there are 20 games, including 12 wins, seven draws and one defeat

In the ranking of the world’s biggest unbeaten series, the Sao Paulo club is ahead of names like the mighty Paris Saint-Germain from France, which is full of stars like Neymar, Messi and Mbabane in addition to the Bridge. , From Belgium.

Check out the biggest unbeaten lines in the world so far:

1 – Palmyra (19 games)
give – Planet (11 Games)
Brugge-BEL (11 Games)
Daegu-CDS (11 Games)
Monaco-FRA: 11 games
New York City-USA (11 games)
7 – Paris Saint-Germain-FRA (9 games)


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