The Sixers preferred Tobias Harris to Jimmy Butler in 2019.

The Sixers preferred Tobias Harris to Jimmy Butler in 2019.

Miami Hat finished The Philadelphia 76ers playoffs with a kind of irony of fate. The highlight of the series was, after all, everything about being on the other side of the controversy – and losing it. Jimmy Butler Played and left for the Sixers until 2019 as the franchise preferred to award as many contracts as possible. Tobias Harris Instead. That’s how he ended up on the Florida team.

The choice is always on the guard’s mind and so he hit the field after winning six matches against the former team. After entering the tunnel in the locker rooms, a post-game video went viral, shouting, “Tobias Harris instead of me?” In addition to being one of the most competitive players, the current NBA competition was expected to elicit a response.

According to the network’s Yaron Weitzman Fox SportsButler’s remorse stemmed from his desire to be with the Sixers. The reporter found that the veteran’s agent was determined to make the renewal possible, but was told that there was no internal interest in the establishment. He then warned the team owner that he would make a big mistake and destroy the champion squad.

“I wish Jimmy was still my ally, first of all. I still don’t know how we let this man go. I’d like to go to war with him, of course, and not as an opponent.” “But that’s what happened and happened. We have to keep making something special and never lose sight of the ultimate goal, which is the title.”

Was it really from Harris?

The idea is that the Sixers preferred Harris to Jimmy Butler because the maximum contract for both was decided at the same time. It is clear, in fact, that the guard himself believes this is due to his irony. But in reality, that is not possible. For instance, Weitzmann believes that the current hat star was transferred through a technically experienced person. El Horford.

The journalist pointed out that the franchise, in theory, could go beyond the pay limit to renew with two holders. Therefore, in NBA pay rules, investments that are “denied” to one do not address the renewal of the other. Savings on one of the deals strengthened the flexibility, then yes, to give Horford a 109 million contract. An acquisition that will later fail.

So a “crooked” story drove Butler out of the Sixers so he could be taken to the hat. He does not hide the fact that he would still like to act together. Joel EmbedBut eventually he’s home in Miami. “It’s a business and I won’t complain because I like to live and play for this team. It could not just work in Philadelphia, but I love our squad here. So I will not change what happened. Butler concluded.

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