The songs sung in Alden Ring are not in Latin and use words randomly generated by the PC program.

Except for one song sung in real Latin

If there’s one thing that always shines through FromSoftware games, it’s the soundtrack. From popular compositions that already refer to us owners (and the pain of facing them), to quiet ambient tracks. In Alden Ring, it’s no different. But one thing that has caught the reader’s attention is this. The songs were sung. While the majority thought. Some ancient languages ​​like Latin is really just a mess of computers.

Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like Aladdin aint for me either. Redditor Magister Organi, who studies Latin, has been studying the songs sung in the game for months now and has come to this conclusion.

Magistrate Organi began his research with “Song of the Lament”, sung in Latin by some “bat / female” monsters. An English translation (from Latin) can be seen here in this video. And, according to redditor, it’s the only song actually written and sung in Latin. However, there are still grammatical errors.

He analyzed the Mohag Lord of Blood theme song, which sounds like Latin, but according to the student, none of the words spoken in the composition are in the ancient language, but to give the song a dramatic effect. The letters are mixed (which is very good, notable). The same goes for the Goodskin theme.

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The musicians confirmed that they are random tunes.

Argini approached some of the Alden-colored composers and got answers from them. With the exception of Song of Lament, the rest of the songs sung are simply nothing. He says the letters are created by computer programs and then modified to look like Latin.

In fact, it is a shame, because more stories can be told through songs. Take a look at the song sung by the bats, which tells a little bit about the history of Alden Ring. Magister Organi also says that other songs sung by FromSoftware follow the same path.

The community is continuing to investigate every aspect of Alden Ring and more discoveries are being made. However, it seems that research on the composition of the game will take a new direction from now on.


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