The Vienna International Tournament kicks off this Thursday.

The men’s senior national team enters the field this Thursday at 20:00, in the first of two games Vienna du Castillo International Tournament. The first is the opposite. SlovakiaAfter the duel with Ukraine On Saturday (6 p.m.).

In anticipation of this moment of preparation for the 2023 World Cup qualifying games, the assistant coach نونو منارتے He was the spokesman for the national team’s technical team. This is another training session for the 46-year-old coach who, despite being short, makes it possible to assess the Portuguese team’s situation: “Whatever the outcome, we want to understand where the team is. Although time is short, we need to use the best possible preparation for the qualifying matches. We want to be at the best level against Hungary and Montenegro.” “, He announced.

In Corner Team analysis, Manarte emphasizes that a strong, diverse and well-prepared team is an asset to qualifying games: “If we analyze national team games, we don’t really rely on one player. “Fortunately we have a lot of players and we have diversity in the squad. Sometimes we have bases, ends or poles, everyone always manages to contribute something. We have a balance.” We have used a lot of players, something that allows us to bet faster, more intensely because we have all the players ready. We maintain quality throughout the game. The potential that the team offers can also be important when we compete next week, “he concluded.

In the last call, there is a name that stands out for joining the senior national team for the first time. Nuno SáThe 25-year-old winger from Madeira was first called up by national team coach Mario Gomez and confirmed his positive experience working with the national team during the first days of the internship. Team: “It has been a positive experience. One of my personal goals was to reach the senior team and it has been great. “, He explains.

Satisfied with the senior team call, Nonosa believes this is the end of a very successful season in the service of CAB Madeira SAD: “This is the end of a very positive season, where we finished 5th. “Unfortunately, we did not make it to the semi-finals of the playoffs. Although I was doing well individually, collectively our team put me in a position where I was likely to stand out.” Was, which helped me to progress, “he says.

As for what he can bring to the workgroup, the young athlete does not hide the fact that his dedication to the sport is perhaps his greatest strength: “I think everyone who knows me knows. That’s how I usually play. Even though I can start playing ‘comfortably’, but I always give myself a lot for the game. “I can do my part. I think I can help the collective line up in the same direction. I bring a lot of determination and intensity with me,” he said.

The Vienna International Tournament is another moment of preparation for the decisive qualifying games on July 1 and 4, a moment that the Mediterranean winger takes seriously, already pointing to next week’s “painful” games: “We Be aware that this is the preparation phase for the two decisive games that we are going to do, so the goal is really to bring the working group together, win and then in two ‘painful’ games against Hungary and Montenegro. We have to fight, ”he concluded.

A. Vienna du Castillo International Tournament José Natário Pavilion (free admission) and is broadcast live and exclusively on FPBtv.

June 22, 2022

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