The website says that an agent of Lua de Pedrero tried to buy 4 properties with cash.

Businessman Alan Jesus, who manages the career of the influential Iranian Ferreira, known as Lova de Pedroro, has been arrested in a high-profile area of ​​Rio de Janeiro amid controversy over the financial situation of the Internet trend. I tried to buy four properties in cash. This information was published on the SBT website this Thursday (23).

According to the investigation, in early June, Jesus searched for brokers at the Condomínio Cidade Jardim in Jacarepaguá. In print of a conversation with a realtor, Jesus asks for information about the apartments and says he has to pay for everything in cash. The broker sends links to two- and three-bedroom properties, ranging in size from 69 to 90 square meters, with prices between R $ 650,000 and R $ 800,000. Prints show that the merchant did not want a penthouse and preferred downstairs apartments. He also said he had sent his wife powers for review.

“Because I want to make a good deal [sic] I will pay in advance. I see everyone trading. [sic] Such.”

According to the website, he also sent an audio in which he says that he needs to buy four properties. According to the website, in a telephone conversation, he said that he was also closing the contract with a house worth R $ 8 million in Condomínio Alphaville.

Requested by SBT News, the trader did not comment.

Understand the situation of Glow of Mason.

Last Sunday (19), Iran Ferreira announced live that it would stop posting videos, however, without giving reasons. He then removed the mention of businessman Alan Jesus from the two networks.

According to Leo Dias, a columnist for the Metropolis portal, the influencer had only 7,500 BRL in his bank accounts, which does not correspond to the earnings of Lua de Pedrero, who has more than 14 14 million on Instagram and 7.5 million on TikTok. Has millions of followers Due to his success on the internet, the 20-year-old has already met Neymar, watched the Champions League final in Paris and cast a spell on Cristiano Ronaldo’s son.

Leo Dias also described the precarious condition of the house where Luواa de Pedrero lives today. The residence is located in Quijango, Bahia, 322 km from El Salvador, and is quite polite, with open walls and some rooms without doors and tiles.

Metropolis also reported that the young man needed to pay R $ 5.2 million to terminate his career agency contract with ASJ Consultoria, owned by businessman Alan Jesus.

Amid the controversy, in a video on Instagram this Thursday, Isa explained that he had invested BRL 200,000 in Iran and had BRL 2 million to win in advertising deals starting in July. ۔

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