“There is no leniency for me.”

Andrew Wiggins Definitely left the soft label in the past after helping. Golden State Warriors to be Champion From the NBA. A ghost who specifically “ran”, because he was more than a trophy-carrying player. In that decision, Wenger was widely regarded as the team’s second-best athlete because he successfully completed the goal-scoring task (thanks). Jason Tatum.

“The idea is true for a lot of people, but I never gave a reason for saying it. I listened to them and honestly didn’t care. Anyone who really knows basketball, after all, He always knows that there is nothing soft about me. Nothing at all. “The 27-year-old was convicted in an exclusive interview. ESPN.

By the way, for someone who came to the Warriors almost as “Docard” from the Minnesota Timberwolves, the title is an unexpected finale. However, the winger never lost sight of the happy ending. “Every basketball player wants to be a champion, so it’s a dream come true. And, most of all, I’m glad to be here.”

Difficult journey

Long before he became champion, Andrew Wiggins was called up. Soft Apparently because of a slightly compromising currency in court. This was already an issue, for example, as analysts pointed out when he was first elected in the 2014 draft. But it was also the result of being part of less competitive teams. Reaching the warriors, therefore, was the end of a difficult journey.

“Ever since I got here, I have definitely felt that I would be a part of something special. Everyone made him feel like he was at home first. I was greeted with open arms and more. He further added that he will be a part of it. He said that he counted and in the end he needed me, “the player recalled, who will be able to extend it in advance. Off season.

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