There is no one better than Hulk in Brazil – 06/22/2022

One goal, one assist, three shots, ten dribbles, 12 of 17 wins, 74% pass accuracy, three fouls and two tackles. It helps to explain the numbers, but anyone who likes it can calmly take a look at what Hulk did in Gallo’s victory over Flamingo. Shirt 7 was the tipping point in a little inspiration night for Atlético, in addition to the new and old red and black mistakes.

Doriol Jr. draws Ayrton Lucas and Whitinho for Valiant Arrow and Philip Lewis. He strengthened the main lane and started with Everton Ribeiro and Eraskita. Turk Muhammad did not have Jair. Octavio replaced it. Vargas got an order from the right wing.

How Atlético Mineiro and Flamengo started the first game suitable for Copa du Brazil 2022 Round of 16

Photo: Rodrigo Coutinho

Just six minutes later, Hulk made the score conditional on most of the first half. Mariano had the freedom and launched a Hulk on the back of the defense in a counterattack. He surpassed Rodrigo Cavio and Pablo and covered Diego Alves late. Flamingo didn’t play bad. With more perspective, movement and attitude, he already controlled the possession of the ball, as he did until the break, but lacked the power to infiltrate the area.

With Gabigol circling, floating from the sides of Everton Ribeiro and Arrascaeta to the center, there was a lack of presence in the last meters. João Gomes and Andreas Pereira even tried to compensate, but they needed to work on the articulation range, and many times they could not get close to the goal on time. Matheuzinho and Filipe Luis did well on the flanks. Sharp on the right, more builder on the left.

By the 20th minute, the red-and-black took risks from the edge of the area into kicks and airplane pieces, but then Gallo increased his focusing power, increasing the marking, which was stronger than before, and the actions. Balanced Hulk unbalanced. He took advantage of Rio’s defenders in counter-attacks, stepped back to help exchange passes, and did some tackles in midfield.

The Flamingos were a very focused team without the ball. However, it was left in the locker room. With just ten minutes, Hulk had already played a central role in two quick changes without being disturbed. The first of these, Philip Lewis, ruled a small area. In the second, he made a great move and crossed Admir’s head. Shirt 19, who came for the canoe, was injured in the first half, beating Diego Elvis.

02 - Fernando Moreno / AGIF - Fernando Moreno / AGIF

Hulk is celebrating the goal he scored in the first leg, his 21st in 27 games this season.

Photo: Fernando Moreno / AGIF

The round shook the red and black even more. The team had the ball in the attack, but now it did not have the strength to avoid the rooster. The miners kept the “footprint” there and appeared close to scoring the third goal in the counter-attack. Nacho had a chance in the 23rd minute but was saved by Diego Alves. Shortly afterwards, Allen forced the goalkeeper to save well. Delivered to Flamingo. Useless with the ball and exposed without it.

The scenery calmed the rooster. Loosened markup. Lázaro and Rodinei, two of whom left the bench for the field in the second half, worked on the goal that put Flamingo back in the game. The winger crossed and the attacker finished to reduce Mariano’s back to 34. Rodini gave a new impetus to the Kirioka team. He made some good plays on the right, but the red and black did not create a clear opportunity.

This and many other games that Hulk has played since his return to Brazil serve as a warning. He was ridiculed for many years. Like a mediocre player. His physical qualities were less than his, but he was always more than that. Gallo has been the best player in the country since last year.

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