This Avó: ‘Being in a constant learning process is the beauty of life’ – Saúde

This Avó: ‘Being in a constant learning process is the beauty of life’ – Saúde

In 2014, with a lot of idle time and a great desire to discover the unknown, Rosangela Marconds Fell in love with the digital world “The Internet is an incredible universe. You have learned today, you have to learn again tomorrow. A place where I will never know enough, I will never be ready and that is the beauty of life: to be in a constant process of learning. “, She announces.

There he discovered that despite holding various positions in life – business, businesswoman, publicity, publicity – something was necessary for such a restless and talkative person: a content creator. “The joy of being a part of it gives me a breath of fresh air to say, ‘I’m not here for anything’,” he says in an animated video interview. Estadão.

Curiosity is something that has always existed in its 66 years. At the age of 18, he decided to leave the Faculty of Accounting Sciences in the city of São Sebastião do Paraíso in the interior of Minas Gerais and come to Sao Paulo to see the world.

“I was a seeker, I was a doer. I went where the wind took me and I’m so proud of my story. Can “, he reflects.

Despite having touched the Internet before, he discovered that his profession was in social media. Specifically, talking about your experience as an adult and creating a racial dialogue with it, so that the “old” (as they say) get out of the stereotype of being incompetent and the young Be impressed “I represent the thousands of Rosangelas who are like me, who are everywhere, who take risks, who don’t wait and who care,” he says. But the way to understand this proposal was longer than he expected.


The idea of ​​investing in the internet came from his daughter Fernanda, who saw her mother in search of a new adventure and suggested that she create a blog. And this was Rosangella’s first contact with the content creator’s world: through the Domingo Echocardo channel, created in November 2013.

The name came to mind at noon which was then shared with her newborn granddaughter Julia (now 9 years old). “The grandson is a son with sugar,” he says.

The publications, which provided tips for decorating children’s rooms, were successful: in a single month, it gathered a thousand followers. “It was really good for me, because I didn’t know anything about it. I was writing the way I know how to write because I have no title. I’m just a curious old lady.” Jokes

In the meantime, he took an aging course at the University of Sao Paulo (USP). “I really wanted to live in that university environment, listen to the doctors and have the knowledge they could pass on to me.”

The timing could not have been better. Around the world, the movement to value longevity grew and more and more people in the networks talked about the terms aging or aging (age differentiation), which has become a staple in anti-aging movements. Participated.

“I started participating in events, lectures, longevity issues and I thought: ‘Wow, I need to warn the elderly what is happening’,” she says, who then turned 62. At the age of, Instagram made it Avó. “With it, we can inspire young children and understand who we are. My biggest wish is to end this story of aging, aging and barter because I find it boring.”

The way to deny this is to show this youthful aspect of old age. On her Instagram, there are many events: from life with different races to cafes and prosa, meeting the inspiring people she met around her and a photo gallery in which she shares “different types of old people”. Show. Colorful hair, tattoos, athletes: space for all kinds of people. Various topics are covered, including the market for the elderly, beauty and even death.

To do this, talking to different people on different topics translates old age out of the realm of stupidity or sickness and translates it into something active and exciting. “We don’t stop because we have a thirst for learning, fulfillment and respect for this little place in the world, because so many of our friends are gone. And I stayed, so I’m determined to be an inspiring person.” Whatever it takes to be a person, even in your own way.

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