Tight says he has nightmares. History shows only one in the national team – 06/21/2022 – The world is a ball

Becoming the coach of the Brazilian men’s soccer team is probably one of the most difficult professions there.

In (men’s) football, Brazilian fans demand no less than first place. Naib is almost as bad as being the last.

from when? I can’t say that this has always been the case, but it has certainly been the case since Pele, Greencha and Company won the 1958 World Cup in Sweden.

For more than six decades, the Brazilian coach has been responsible for winning the World Cup. Or the Copa America. Or the Olympics.

And for the most part, Canary became a “genius” in the eyes of the team’s fans.

Restricting himself to the World Cup, after 1958, when Vicente Fiola was the coach, only four coaches repeated the feat: Aymoré Moreira (Chile-1962), Zagallo (Mexico-1970), Carlos Alberto Parreira (USA-1994). ) And Luiz Felipe Scolari (Korea / Japan-2002).

Feola (England-1966), Zagallo (West Germany-1974 and France-1998), Parreira (Germany-2006) and Felipão (Brazil-2014) had a chance to win twice and failed.

Ignoring an old adage, I believe that the last impression, not the first, is that which really stands, so his image was struck by these blows – especially Felipeau’s, against Germany, home. On, 7-1 in the semifinals.

Others just lost. Telê Santana, who forced the team to play beautifully, twice (Spain-1982 and Mexico-1986). Cláudio Coutinho (Argentina-1978), Sebastião Lazaoni (Italy-1990) and Dunga (South Africa-2010), one at a time.

The current commander of the team, Tate, will have a second chance after the failure, like Tally. He fell in the quarterfinals in Russia in 2018 and was put in charge of Qatar 2022.

“It’s time to reach the final and become the champion,” he said in an interview with the Guardian published on the English newspaper’s website on Sunday (19), knowing that his name was FIFA Cup At the same time, it will remain positive in everyone’s memory. Hand ..

Tight shows confidence, thinks he has a well-rounded and focused group (technical committee and players), and is outraged when asked about criticism of his work. ۔

“We have the results. What are people waiting for? We broke the record. [de mais pontos, 45] In the qualifiers [para a Copa no Qatar]. We have the longest unbeaten streak, 12 games [no qualificatório para o Mundial de 2018] And now 17 games without a defeat [nas Eliminatórias para o Mundial deste ano, com 14 vitórias e três empates]. That’s 29 games. “

The coach continued, emphasizing the numbers and achievements that Brazil recorded in his administration.

“We have scored 13 more goals than Argentina. [segunda colocada nas Eliminatórias sul-americanas]. We didn’t score in 13 of the 17 matches, the average of our goals scored was more than 2.5. [na verdade, a média de gols do Brasil foi de 2,35 nas Eliminatórias do Mundial deste ano, 40 gols em 17 jogos]”

“We came back to the first position in the FIFA rankings. We were the Copa America champions. [no Brasil, em 2019]. We didn’t win last time. [em 2021, também no Brasil, a Argentina ganhou a final por 1 a 0]But it was a whole process, a difficult moment, a series of problems I didn’t want to go into. “

Tight refers to the corona virus epidemic. The competition was to have two hosts, Argentina and Colombia, who withdrew – Colombians were also living, in addition to the spread of the disease, with a wave of political protests against President Ivan Duke.

Conmebol (South American Confederation) turned to Brazil, which, despite being out of Covid’s control, agreed to hold the competition with the consent of the CBF (Brazilian Football Confederation) and the Bolsonaro government.

According to Tate, “No one wanted to play in the Copa America and everyone expressed it to the president. [da CBF, que à época era Rogério Caboclo]”

I’ll put it aside: If he didn’t want to play because of his health condition, why would he play? There was no strong pulse, there was a lack of personality. (It is for these and other reasons that Brazil does not change as a country.)

In the interview, Tight also talked about his human side.

He was grateful for the unlimited support of his family, especially his wife, Rosie – with whom he likes to walk and gossip – and described them as “my fears, my nightmares, my coolness.” Yes, emphasizing that fear should not be confused. Fear

It did not say what those nightmares were, however, in the midst of such positive results, the result was that there was only one ghost that would take away your sleep or wake you up at night.

His name has seven letters: Belgium.

The team, nicknamed the Red Devils, beat Brazil 2-1 in Kazan on July 6, 2018 to knock Brazil out of the Russian Cup in the quarterfinals.

Brazil played better than Belgium, finished more than three times, had the misfortune to score (Fernandinho) himself, a ball that landed on the post, an “impossible” defense by goalkeeper Curtis, a goal by Renato Augusto missed. 2 to 2 in the resulting tie.

That was not to be, and Tight could not be blamed. I would have had nightmares about this game if I had been in a major role and lost.

I defended Tate’s permanence after the fall of Russia, because in my opinion he was the most capable of Brazilian names, to lead Brazil to victory.

The big problem, in my review, is what it lacked before: setting up effective plays that are capable of breaking down well-armed defense blocks. The team will already face blocks in the first round of the Cup against Serbia, Switzerland and Cameroon.

It is necessary to shoot more accurately, from outside the area. There needs to be more triangles along the sides. Finally, replace bolts, because without them, the chances of dying are much higher.

Ultimately, as Tate’s biggest nightmare shows, you need to get your point across.

Brazil can and should finish a lot, but it is important that the ball rate in the net is higher than that of Lukaku, Hazard, de Bruyne and Company (a modest goal in 26 attempts).

With these adjustments, and if Neymar, who is still the most famous player on the team, performs effectively, scoring goals and assists, then Brazil will increase its consistency.

In the ideal campaign in Qatar, it would be better to take revenge against the Belgians.

There is a chance that the two teams will face each other again in the quarter finals or finals, depending on the rankings of each in the group stage.

If the title comes, Tight will be able to sleep peacefully, there will be no old or new ghost to torment him.

If it is against Belgium, then the nightmare will turn into a good nightmare for those who do not want to wake up.


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