Toledo and Ítalo advance straight to Round 3 in Saquarema. Medina lost Surfing

Three-time Rio Pro champion (2015, 2018, 2019) Philip Toledo qualified for the next round at Sakorima this Thursday with altalo Ferreira, Michael Rodrigues, Yago Dora and Tatiana Weston-Webb. Gabriel Medina lost in the first round and will be in contention for the repechage in the eighth round of the World Surfing Tour.

Philip Toledo started flying and scored 8.17 on his first wave in Sakorima

On a sunny day and one and a half meter waves, the Brazilians showed a show in and out of the water. Fans shouted green and yellow on the sand and put all their energy into the “Brazilian storm”.

In search of a fourth title, the Filipino is the only active Brazilian to have already won a stage at the World Championships in Rio and is also the biggest winner in the waters of Rio. Toledo is the current leader of the rankings and is looking for its first world title. He has held the post several times, including losing the final to Medina in 2021.

Filipe Toledo found flying air early in the summer, making 8.17. He started putting pressure on his opponents. Immediately after that, the battery ran very slowly for the last 10 minutes. Toledo scored 5.60 as a trademark, giving Miguel Tudela and Nat Young 7 points to turn around at the end of the summer.

“There is always an opportunity,” Filipe Toledo celebrated the victory

Gabriel Medina remained in first place until the last 10 minutes of heat, but Conner O’Leary finally made it back to the Round of 16. It was warm with a few waves and low sums. Medina finished with 6.40 (4.40 + 2.00), while the hat winner added 10.56 to finish with two median numbers. 1 minute left, Medina needed 6.17 and got a good left. The three-time champion tried to air but fell into tactics. Gabriel surfed the column Robson in the repechage.

Altalo Ferreira started the heat to his liking, catching several waves. Bravo got 7.50, which was initially the men’s highest score, requiring other players to wave above 7 points. João Chianca agreed at Saquarema Sea, but could not find a good combination of exercises. With South Africa, the locals will still have a chance in the knockout round.

Italo Ferreira scored 7.50 in Round 1 at Sakorima.

Italo Ferreira scored 7.50 in Round 1 at Sakorima.

In addition to winning the heat, Ítalo also showed a winning attitude. The world champion carried the name of Manu Zeul on his back in honor of the life of the Brazilian pioneer of live broadcasting in surfing. Immediately after the battery, the engineer’s family hugged Ítalo as a thank you. Manu passed away this June.

In Italo Ferreira Saquarema gives Manu Zeul a name in Lycra.

In Italo Ferreira Saquarema gives Manu Zeul a name in Lycra.

Italo Ferreira embraces Manu Zeul's family

Italo Ferreira embraces Manu Zeul’s family

In this men’s first round, three Brazilians will still compete. At the end of the first round, we will face 100% Brazilians: Miguel Pupo, Caio Ibelli and Jadson André. João Chianca, Samuel Pupo and Mateus Herdy, three surfing producers, also lost in the first round and will compete in the knockout heats.

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