Tracy McGrady invents and builds her own basketball league.

Tracy McGrady invents and builds her own basketball league.

, Former player and Hall of Famer Tracy McGrady created the One on One Basketball League, with a maximum prize pool of over $ 250,000. According to him, the idea came from his two sons, who are not used to watching NBA and will make fun of their videos. Highlights On social networks.

The One Basketball League will be a substitute for players who have not been able to play in the NBA or become professionals abroad. Thus, the idea is to create a form of entertainment that will enchant youngsters who are giving up watching basketball because of the long duration of matches. So the league will work like this:

. Participants will only be invited to Athletes, but those interested can send their reviews to the OBA’s website for review and selection.

. The games will be held in different cities, and the winner of each city will receive a 10,000 10,000 prize and an invitation to the final, which will be attended by 21 players in Las Vegas. In addition, the winner will receive a prize of US $ 250,000 and the title “King of the Courts”.

. In addition, after the end of the championship, the country’s top 50 players will be ranked.

. Finally, the players will play UFC-style weekend events, with introductory cards and main cards, with the opportunity to climb the rankings and claim the title.

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“Not everyone comes to the NBA,” McGrady said in an interview with the Web site. Athletic. “Not everyone can cross the sea or go abroad, so I wanted to create a platform for the boys who still play basketball at a high level, still love the game but they Wanted to give a second chance. To fulfill, your dream.

In summary, McGrady, an ESPN commentator, sees the new project as a great business opportunity. In addition, OBA already has a partnership. Saleem Magazine And the former player intends to spread the idea to other countries. Therefore, McGrady aims to create a more immediate form of entertainment, meeting the needs of new generations.

Inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2017, Tracy McGrady was one of the top players in the American Basketball League, NBA. In just over 900 games, he averaged 19.5 points, 5.6 rebounds and 4.4 assists. In addition, McGrady has been part of the All-Star Game seven times and has been part of the Ideal Teams seven times. With chronic back problems, however, he lost most of his sports after the age of 27 and retired at the age of 33.

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