Training at Remo, Leandro awaits bureaucratic issues.

With the arrival of Gerson Gosmau in the technical command of the Club du Remo, some players who were not used to the central formation with Palo Bonamigo also began to gain new perspectives on opportunities with the new coach. In addition, those who are now joining the club are looking forward to being seen in the activities to get a chance to play in Serie C.

In his first training session with the Leão Azul Paraense squad, Gerson Gusmão was able to take a closer look at the performance of virtually the entire squad at his disposal, aiming for a game that will be held on Monday (27). Will be played against 8pm, at the Orlando Scorpio Stadium, in Florianopolis, for the 12th round of the 3rd Division of the Brazilian Championships.

Gerson Gusmão begins designing Remo, targeting Figueirense.

For this challenge, when the team starts drafting, some players are not ready to compete yet. In addition to defender Everton Cena, in transition; Striker Bruno Elvis, who felt his pubis and he escaped the duel against Altos-PI; And top scorer Brenner, who was replaced in the previous match due to a muscle ache, and left-back Leonan, who was suspended with three yellow cards along with striker Lendro Carvalho, is still out of the plan and You shouldn’t make your debut in Leo right now.

Already participating in the activities in general, the new employee Azolino waits to be regularized with the Brazilian Football Confederation’s (CBF) Daily News Bulletin (BID), so that he can finally wear the blue shirt in the national competition. ۔ However, the player who borrowed from Ceará-CE is still awaiting the release of his former club Náutico-PE.

Leandro Carvalho only debuts for Remo in July. Legal position

According to information already disclosed by DOLSerie A and B players can only be formally transferred from July 18, the period in which the second transfer window opens, which lasts until August 15, and the same goes for loans and repayments. ۔ That is, Leandro Carvalho, who has a debt relationship with Náutico, will return on this date to Ceará, who owns the rights, and, after that, Clube do Remo.

However, Club du Remo’s legal department continues to work behind the scenes to speed up the regularization of Landro Carvalho. As reported by a source, Remo and Náutico applied to the CBF on June 14 for the striker’s removal, but he has been released. Liu hopes to rely on the striker for the 13th round of Series C in the classic against Paysandu (the club where he appeared for professional football) at Baenão Stadium on July 3 at 5pm.


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