Travancore is the first choice in the NFL Draft.  Checklist |  Football

Travancore is the first choice in the NFL Draft. Checklist | Football

For the second straight season, the Jacksonville Jaguars were responsible for the worst record of the previous season, for making the first choice, and for the Florida team, defender Troy Walker was named.

Trevon Walker in Action for Georgia – Photo: Joe Robbins / Icon Sportswire by Getty Images

This is the first time since 2017 that the first name announced by Football League Commissioner Roger Goodell is not a quarterback. Just like that year, when Cleveland caught Miles Garrett first, a passer-by took the position.

Walker His list of experience includes the race of champions. Shirt 44 was an early pass from the University of Georgia’s Rusher, the current national champion due to his particularly impressive defense, citing other names for the first round of the draft.

Travon numbers aren’t the most exciting. In three seasons with the Bulldogs, Edge started 29 with 9.5 sacks, 61 total tackles and 13 lost yards. In the college final, against Alabama, the defender had a sack and a tackle on account of the loss of yards.

Eden Hutchinson named second player – Photo: David Baker / Getty Images

For the second time in history, no attacking player was selected for the top four positions. The second time was in 1991. These were two EDGEs, and two cornerbacks in 2022. In 1991, we had a defensive tackle, a safety, a cornerback and a linebacker in the top four.

This year, the first offensive player was selected to take the seventh position. The same thing happened this season, but one position earlier, with Ikem Ekwonu moving to the Carolina Panthers.

He made 19 picks to make the first quarterback in the class: Kenny Pickett is the face of the future for the Pittsburgh Steelers. Under tough questions in class, Packet is a potential player and the Steelers will fight to become a starter.

At the age of 23, he will turn 24 in June, the quarterback comes from the best year of his career and fought for the Heisman Award, the best player in college football, ranked third.

Kenny Pickett is in action for the University of Pittsburgh – Photo: Justin Burrell / Getty Images

  • 12,303 airyards
  • 809 Rushing Yards
  • 62.4% successful pass
  • 81 touch down passes
  • 20 Rushing Touch Downs
  • 32 barriers

See the full selection list

  1. Jacksonville Jaguars: Trowne Walker (EDGE) – Georgia
  2. Detroit Lines: Eden Hutchinson (EDGE) – Michigan
  3. Houston Texans: Derek Stingley (CB) – LSU
  4. New York Jets: Ahmed Gardner (CB) – Cincinnati
  5. New York Giants: Kayvon Thibodeaux (EDGE) – Oregon
  6. Carolina Panthers: Ikem Ekwonu (OT) – State of North Carolina
  7. New York Giants (From Chicago): Avon Nile (OT) – Alabama
  8. Atlanta Falcons: Drake London (WR) – USC
  9. Seattle Sea Hawks (From Denver): Charles Cross (OT) – Mississippi State
  10. New York Jets (From Seattle): Garrett Wilson (WR) – Ohio State
  11. New Orleans Saints (From commanders): Chris Olive (WR) – Ohio State
  12. Detroit Lines (From Minnesota): Jameson Williams (WR) – Alabama
  13. Philadelphia Eagles (Via Cleveland to Philadelphia): Jordan Davis (DT) – Georgia
  14. Baltimore Ravens: Kyle Hamilton (S) – Notre Dame
  15. Houston Texans (From Miami via Philadelphia): Canyon Green (OG) – Texas A&M
  16. Washington commanders (From Indianapolis via Philadelphia and New Orleans): Where Dotson (WR) – Penn State
  17. Los Angeles Chargers: Zion Johnson (OG) – Boston College
  18. Tennessee Titans (From New Orleans via Philadelphia): Trillion Bricks (WR) – Arkansas
  19. New Orleans Saints (From Philadelphia): Trevor Penning (OT) – Northern Iowa
  20. Pittsburgh Steelers: Kenny Packet (QB) – Pittsburgh
  21. Kansas City Chiefs (From New England): Trent McDuffy (CB) – Washington
  22. Green Bay Packers (From Las Vegas): Cove Walker (LB) – Georgia
  23. On the backs of buffaloes (Via Arizona to Baltimore): Kerr Elam (CB) – Florida
  24. Dallas Cowboys: Tyler Smith (OT) – Tulsa
  25. Baltimore Ravens (From buffalo): Tyler Lindenbaum (C) – Iowa
  26. New York Jets (From Tennessee): Jermaine Johnson (EDGE) – Florida State
  27. Jacksonville Jaguars (From Tampa): Devin Lloyd (LB) – Utah
  28. Green Bay Packers: Deonte Wyatt (DT) – Georgia
  29. New England Patriots (San Francisco via Miami and Kansas City): Coal Strange (iOL) – Chattanooga
  30. Kansas City Chiefs: George Carliftus (EDGE) – Purdue
  31. Cincinnati Bengals: Dexton Hill (S) – Michigan
  32. Minnesota Vikings (From Los Angeles Rams via Detroit Lines): Lewis Cine (S) – Georgia

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