UFC: Rakic ​​injured knee, Blachowicz wins main event |  Fight

UFC: Rakic ​​injured knee, Blachowicz wins main event | Fight

UFC Blachowicz vs. Rakic ​​ended disappointingly. Alexander Rock was superior after two rounds, but suffered a right knee injury while walking backwards and saw John Blauchos walk out with a TKO victory at 1:11 of the third round. As a result, Qutb asked for another chance at the light heavyweight belt (up to 93kg), which was until he was overtaken by Glover Taxira.

John Blachuchas beat Alexander Rock via TKO 1 minute 11 of R3 – Photo: Getty Images

Quickly, Rock traveled the distance to hit the pole and used the best striking technique to have the best moments in the round. Blachowicz hit some good punches, but had a hard time keeping up with his opponent’s stature. In the second round, Austria knocked him down in seconds but he had to avoid a dangerous triangle from his opponent. At the top, Rakic ​​just controlled the rest of the round.

In the third round, the two fighters stood up and clashed, but they did nothing. But, in one of Blachowicz’s allegations, Rakic ​​injured his knee alone and he fell, forcing the center referee to stop the fight.

Amanda Rabas shows heart, but loses the decision to split.

Amanda Rebas’s flyweight (up to 57kg) increase to compete with Division No. 1 Caitlin Chocagian, the victory was less than the Brazilian details. In a highly balanced contest, Minas Garris lost with a decision to split on the main card (29-28, 28-29 and 29-28).

Caitlin Chokagyan defeats Amanda Rabas by split decision (28-29, 29-28 and 29-28) – Photo: Getty Images

It didn’t take long for Amanda to take her opponent out of judo. Defender of the past, he had a hard time controlling the Americans, but he held his ground and attacked whenever he found a place. After much exertion, the watchman managed to sweep and reach his feet. In the strike, they both deal with their confidence as they choose to embark on their play activities. Despite the vast American advantage, Rabas managed to break the blockade a few times.

In the second round, the fight was balanced, but with three minutes left, Rabas got down just like in the previous round. This time, the Caucasus managed to close the guard, but the Brazilian was still active on the ground. After a minute, the American got up and struck Amanda twice in the face. In the final round, Caitlin managed to control the distance with her Jobs and thwarted Brazil’s take-down effort to win.

Purebone won a crucial battle against Jack Headley

For those who like Geo Jitsu, the fight between Alan Poro Oso and Jack Headley was a perfect plate. With many twists and turns at the ground and high technical level, the conflict ended with a unanimous decision (30-27 triple) to achieve the first positive result since the UFC hired him. Happened with At the same time, the flyweight snatched the unbeaten record of the English player, which had already lasted for eight matches.

Alan Poro Oso defeats Jack Headley by unanimous decision (30-27 triple) – Photo: Getty Images

The first round was a demonstration of ground technique by both fighters. Puro Oso was the one who kept the pair down, but he changed the dominant position a few times and tried to stop the attacks. Headley showed the right field, but Diego Lima of Chit Box had more time to take the lead. In the second round, Puro Osu took off immediately and controlled the top all the time.

In the final round, Headley came back better and hit his opponent’s neck with the left hand triangle and landed on top. Purebone tried to sweep, but his back gave way. The Brazilian stopped the opponent from hooking up and reversed the position with enough technique to stay on top. He lost his position, and English was again at the top, but Puro Oso swept clean again and in the last seconds took the result with ground and pound.

Spann eliminates the troubled Cutelaba.

Ryan Spann beats Ion Cutelaba on 2m22s of R1 – Photo: Getty Images

In the UFC Blachowicz x Rakic ​​co-man event, Ryan Spann took advantage of the rush to win by submitting Ion Cutelaba’s first round at 2:22. The American initially lost to his opponent, got up, but saw Moldovan try again in a clumsy manner. Understanding the exposed neck, he applied a guillotine and won.

UFC Blachowicz vs. Rakic
May 14, 2022, in Las Vegas (USA)
Main card:
John Blachuchas beat Alexander Rock 1 minute 11 of R3 via TKO
Ryan Spann defeated Ion Cutelaba at 2:22 of R1.
Dewey Grant defeated Louis Smolka by knockout on R3 49s.
Caitlin Chokagian defeated Amanda Rabas by a split decision (28-29, 29-28, 29-28).
Manuel Torres defeated Frank Kamcho at 3:27 of R1 via TKO.
Alan Poro Oso defeats Jack Headley by unanimous decision (30-27 x3)
Initial card:
Vivi Araújo defeats Andrea Lee by unanimous decision (29-28, 29-27, 29-27)
Michael Johnson defeated Alan Newgate by knockout at 3:22 of R2.
Verna Genderoba defeats Angela Hill by unanimous decision (30-27 triple)
Tatsuro Taira defeats Carlos Candelare by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-26, 30-27)
Andrei Petroski defeated Nick Maximov in the R1 1m16s.

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