Unimed announces cuts and internal changes due to millionaire expenses with Coved 19.

A letter and a video produced by Unimed Vitória were sent to cooperative members on Monday (20) informing them of a 15% to 25% reduction in several cooperative doctors’ contracts. The changes, which are set to take place by December this year, will be due to the critical moment since the outbreak of the Covid-19 epidemic, and the increased demand for tests and procedures.

In the report, Fernando Ronchi, director of Unimed Vitória, explained that the move was temporary and would not affect the services provided by the cooperative.

Asked if it was likely that cooperative members would choose to leave Unimed due to a lack of transfers, Ronchi denied it.

“That’s not a possibility. This is the health plan that all Esprito Santo doctors want and want to be. We’re partners in our company, we work with surviving systems, there’s no pay. Something. There are months that we pay more. In 2020, we will distribute the remaining R 90 million, ”he said.

In the announcement, whose spokesman was CEO Fernando Ronchi himself, he says the biggest challenge facing the health plan right now is the cost of care, which should be seen as a priority again.

The letter caused a stir among co-operative members, who shared the file through messaging apps out of fear of the move. is he:

– All existing contracts with a network of accredited service providers are being reviewed until they have reached at least a 25% reduction in their current values.

– Agreements with general suppliers will be renegotiated, through a review of the scope, terms and costs, with a view to reducing their current values ​​by 15%.

– Immediate implementation of rigorous medical audit review in its scope to ensure care while reasonable maintenance costs.

– Through the Cooperative’s Regulation Center, Unimed Vitória’s own resource units will be prioritized, in order to collaborate with accredited provider networks to reduce costs.

– In search of administrative-financial balance, it is also important to review the payment policy for medical products (consulting, medical and surgical fees, SADTs, board of directors and council fees). Since the legal basis for the remuneration of its members in the work cooperative applies to variable compensation, and due to the results obtained from January to May 2022 and the whole expected economic scenario, the payment will be reduced by 15%. For medical production. In principle, this measure will be valid from June to December 2022.

The President clarified the statement.

In the interview Fernando Ronchi, CEO of Unimed Vitória, explains what this moment is. According to him, all health projects have been facing challenges since the onset of the Covid 19 epidemic, which began in May 2020. Among the reasons, he cited three:

On 1st May 2021, the National Health Agency made a negative adjustment of -8.19% for health plans. This resulted in a loss of R $ 40 million to our cooperative. In May 2022, ANS made a positive adjustment of 15%. No, it’s like the project is coming to an end. It takes 12 months to move forward. So, if we calculate the last two years, we had a negative adjustment of -8.19% and now, this From May to May next year, 15%. Considering and counting this, it was a 3.3% adjustment every year, “he explained.

Second “Another important point. We have the highest inflation in the last 19 years. Last year, the General Price Index – Market (IGP-M) was about 30%, we have inflation in the Broad National Consumer Price Index (IPCA). The cost was more than 10% and in the medical-hospital area, which is an indicator of medical costs, from September 2020 to 2021, there was a difference of 27%, ie higher rates of medical-hospital costs. Input, for example, increased tenfold. Medicines, equipment, even personal protection. Many are imported, dollars are made. It has affected the entire healthcare sector in the world. “The CEO continued.

3 “This was a reflection of the effects of Covid on the system, which was important and is happening. To give you an idea, from April 2020 to May 2022, Covid’s cost for Unimed Vitória is R $ 270 million. : A cost for which no budget, no health plan was predicted, no one in the world predicted it. The biggest impact of the last 100 years “, he concluded. ۔

High user demand and decoupling risks

Fernando Ronchi also noted that, from 2021, the user began to use far more than the health plan used in 2020 – and that this increased the number of consultations, surgeries, treatments and cancer treatments, e.g. As.

“A lot of people have stopped doing precautionary tests, and now they are looking for health services to get treatment. It has affected all services,” he added. According to Ronchi, R $ 30 million was still invested in Unimed devices.

Temporary moment

The letter said that in principle, the measure would be valid from June to December 2022. CEOs emphasize that this is temporary, temporary and will pass. “We are a very strong company and on the contrary no one would want to cooperate. We have the best resources of our state,” he said.

Ronchi reports that the parties are talking about this moment, talking and talking, and says that everyone understands what is happening in the health cooperative now. “The problem is not Unimed Vitória, but the healthcare system in Brazil around the world,” the CEO added.

In the letter, the manager mentioned that the biggest challenge at the moment is the cost of care. Ronchi explains: Support costs include surgery, counseling, complementary examinations, treatment, physiotherapy, cancer treatment, hospitalization.

“Costs are very well controlled. The cost of pressing demand for care has increased the cost of both covid and other conditions. We still have demand from patients who had covid and they “We are treating the result. How long will they need treatment? But we guarantee that without any restrictions,” concluded the director of Unimed Vitória.

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