upside down! Athletico open advantage against Copa du Brazil for Bahia

In the Copa du Brazil Round of 16 match, Athletico beat Bahia 2-1 at the Arena Fonte Nova. Lucas Mogne started scoring with a beautiful free kick, but Hurricane looked to return with goals from Christian and Pedro Rocha, both with the help of a toy.

The return game is scheduled for Wednesday (12/07) at 8:30 pm at the Arena da Bixada. To qualify for the quarterfinals, Hurricanes only need a draw. Bahia, on the other hand, need to win by a goal difference to decide penalties.

Hurricane Brazil is now welcoming RB Bragantino to the Championship, Saturday (25/06) at 4:30 pm at the Arena da Baixada. Bahia’s next commitment is against Novorizontino, on Saturday (25/06) at 4pm, for Siri B, at the Arena Fonte Nova.

Bahia 1 x 2 Athletico

The match began at Fonte Nova Arena, with both teams rushing to open the scoring. As a result, in the 4th minute, Lucas Mogni scored on a powerful free kick at an angle when there was no chance for goalkeeper Bento.

The red-and-black response came when, at 9 minutes into the game, Khellven gave Christian a good chance to get out of the area and leave everything as it was.

The game was balanced with good chances on both sides until Pedro Rocha scored the second goal for Hurricane in the 30th minute after receiving a cross from the right side of the game.

The match got off to a slightly “hot” start in the second half, with more fouls, just 10 minutes before the first dangerous move came when Matthias Bobby ended up on the edge of the area, but was stopped by the Bahia Defense.

Dave tried to make a shot in the 18th minute but the ball went straight through the backline.

The hurricane took over, leaving the ball on the ground and leaving some space for Bahia to test his attacking moves.

Data sheet

Atletico vs. Caracas

the location: Fonte Nova Arena, El Salvador / BA

History: June 22, 2022

Time: 7:30 pm (Brasilia)

Book: Danilo Fernandez Douglas Borel (André), Ignacio, Luiz Otávio and Luiz Henrique (Djalma) Patrick de Lucca (Raí), Rezende, Daniel and Lucas Mugni (Lucas Falcão) Rodallega and Davó (Alligator). Technician: Goto Ferreira

the aim: Lucas Mogne (04 ‘/ 1st)

Yellow: Vitor Jacaré (36 ‘/ Q1), Rezende (42’ / Q1), Daniel (05 ‘/ Q2), Guto Ferreira (21’ / Q2) and Rodallega (45 ‘/ Q2)

Athletic: Benedict Pedro Henrique (M. Fernandes) Nico Hernandez, Khellven and Abner; Christian (Pedrinho), Hugo Moura and Terans (Léo Cittadini); Pedro Rocha (Eric), Kello and Pablo (M. Bobby). Technician: Philip

the aim: Christian (09 ‘/ Q1), Pedro Rocha (30’ / Q1)

Yellow: Hugo Mora (06 ‘/ 2nd), Nico (45’ / 2nd)

Total Audience: 20,484

Income: BRL 345,634.00


Referee: Braulio da Silva Machado (SC / Fifa)

Assistant: Alex dos Santos (SC)

Assistant 2: Thiaggo Americano Labes (SC)

Fourth Referee: Maryleson Alves Silva (BA)

Video Referee: Rodrigo Nunes de Sa (RJ)

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