US president says Ronaldo is ‘saving Cruzeiro’

Alencar took the opportunity to praise the former player’s work in the competition. The US president has said that Ronaldo is “saving” Fox.

Since the arrival of the businessman, Cruzeiro has improved his performance on the pitch. Involved in Serie B in 2019, the club is doing well this year at Campeonato Menero with runner-up and isolated second division leadership.

“We, the fans, we love football from all the associations, the Cruzeiro, the Belo Horizonte, the Cruzeiro, the Atletico team, and the best team in Minas. “Here in Minas Gerais, with supporters of Cruzeiro in the United States. And it is not appropriate not to recognize businessman Ronaldo, who has been saving Cruzeiro from this evil for three years.” Said.

New honorary citizen

Article written by State Deputy Professor Clayton (PV). It was approved in an extraordinary meeting that began this morning, with 46 votes in favor and none against – three blank votes, by Laura Serrano (Novo), Guilhermi da Cunha (Novo) and Bart du Novo (PL). ۔

“Last Thursday, I was watching the Cruzeiro and Ponte Preta games in Maniro. And there, like every football game, I saw not only the heat of the crowd, but the presence of thousands of spectators who flocked to the main stadium in Minas Gerais. To watch a football game, not just a football game. We are talking about someone who has a history of overcoming, a history of life that is all over Brazil. I have an ideal history for many young people, “said Professor Clayton.

“And it was Providence’s wish that after a long time, he, who had won his life through football, would return to Minas Gerais to transform himself as the savior of his country. Institutions,” he said. He further added that the purchase of Cruzeiro shares. “I spend a plate. If that’s the problem, I’ll pay for that plate,” said the congressman.


As it is a draft resolution, the text is not being analyzed for approval or veto by Romeo Zema (Novo), Governor of Minas Gerais. In addition to the Brazilian team, former Cruzeiro players Ronaldo, PSV Eindhoven-HOL, Barcelona-ESP, Inter de Milo-ITA, Real Madrid-ESP, Milan-ITA and Corinthians were filed at the end of the project. 2021

Now, it is up to the current business person to set a date for the award. The ceremony must take place in person.

The last “wave” of ALMG recognizing honorary citizens occurred in September 2021. On this occasion, Canoeist Isaquias Queiroz was one of them. She is the current Olympic Multi-Medalist and the current champion in the sprint canoeing category C1 1000m.

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