Vitão’s predictions for the first round of the Copa du Brazil Round of 16

If the knockout, in terms of features, is 818 times cooler and more exciting than the Pontos Corridos, then the Copa du Brazil draw remains, which will be even better than the Balacubako, which includes four state-class and anti-Atlético-MG and Flamengo stars. Are ahead Corinthians and Internacional, the biggest inter-state enmity

If Sao Paulo X Palmyras paints the bias in green, there is a greater balance between the Corinthians and Santos in the white and white duel.

In theory, the unexpected Atlético-GO x Goiás and Fortaleza x Ceará should be fairly equal matches.

At this point, the Atlético-MG x Flamengo seemed central and the best duel, but, today, the battle between the two, especially the red and black, is to rediscover your football.

Round of 16 pix

Atlético-GO 2 x 1 Goiás

Principal, the Goiás champion is favored against his deputy, but the confrontation is balanced. Georginho’s interview is now losing even the belief of victory … So far, the coach has got 100% success in talking nonsense after matches.

Bahia 0 x 1 Athletico-PR

Tricolor de Aço has a good campaign in Serie B, its priority, but, also outside, is the support of Athletico-PR, which has grown since Felipão’s signature.

Fortaleza 1 x 1 Planet

The total balance trend is that everything stays the same and the place is decided in the second match.

Corinthians 1 x 0 cents

Slovenho fell to Palesto after losing to Santos de Carrela.

Photo: Alan Morrisy / AGIF

Vítor Pereira only has a contract until the end of the season and, I imagine, he thinks it is important to win the classic. And, I’m sure one day that will happen … After four defeats and five draws, I’m sure on the sixth attempt today, the first VP victory in the classic will come. Now, Santos, who was still commanding Carl against the Corinthians, was not even a favorite in Polista at the time of Slovenho and won. In fact, it is very difficult to predict without knowing whether the best available will be fielded or there will be some strange invention, for example, in the defeat against Cuiabá.

Atlético-MG 2 x 1 Flamengo

Gallo Coca is far from the performance of the era, but, nonetheless, it is better and has more focused and dedicated players than its red-black rivals.

Fluminense 1 x 0 Cruzeiro

Raposa has been left out of Serie B, Copa do Brasil has a shirt and history to complicate matters, but you cannot ignore the favor of the Carioca champions, who are at the top of the Serie A table.

Sao Paulo 0 x 2 Palmyra

Ten points from their opponents in the Brazilian Championship after a painful comeback last Monday, Sao Paulo knows that they are not a favorite even in Morambi and this season it will hardly be their fate to be the only great Sao Paulo. Will end Copa du Brazil won, a title that, in addition to rivals, Santo Andre and Paulista also celebrated … Palmeiras (even leading the Brazilians and fighting for the Libertadores try and, therefore, in the Copa du Brazil The least important of the three fronts is to defeat the team.

América-MG 1 x 1 Botafogo

If both know that the fight in the Brazilian Championship is much more to stay out of the Z4 than the G4, in the Copa du Brazil, the dream has been released for both the Americans and Botafogo ….

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