Volkswagen held the first NFT auction of the famous Round Square Round GTI.

Volkswagen held the first NFT auction of the famous Round Square Round GTI.

In partnership with OnePercent, with the launch of the digital garage VW platform in April, after stepping into the world in the NFTs segment, Volkswagen will hold its first digital art auction from May 3 to 10.

Selected is NFT. A special animation of the first generation Round GTI (Square) in retro futuristic setting.

An automaker’s icon in the 1980’s and 1990’s, the car is a symbol of car enthusiasts across Brazil. Also the winner of the auction Volkswagen Studios will be able to visit the Brazilian headquarters and part of the vehicle production line From the factory in Sao Bernardo do Campo.

“This auction also marks the beginning of a very interesting and desired phase for customers, a combination of the physical experience of a digital item with a feature that is not for sale. In our strategy, we already have Some auctions have a schedule, but not all of them will be related to their experiences. And whatever they do, we will offer different actions in the physical world. That is, each auction will have something new, rare and special. Wagon says Fabio Rabello, head of digitalisation and new business models in Latin America.

People who are interested in purchasing the item can offer it at a price 1% higher than the final price. Offers that are 10% higher than the last current price will not be considered.

“This is a new phase of this important project and we are excited to have the option of auctioning NFTs on the Rarum platform, developed by OnePercent, to use tokens in various contexts such as the automotive sector.” This project helps us make Blockchain more democratic and add value to the brand’s fans, “explains Fausto Vanin, co-founder of OnePercent.


In addition to being a project built on a sustainable platform of NFTs, created by OnePercent and which offset the carbon footprint generated in each token mint, the operation involves credit cards, pix and even cryptocurrency. Includes the possibility of payments through. .

The Digital Garage VW project brings exclusive digital content to the public, including Volkswagen cars, not only the brand’s popular models, but also packs of classic and so-called concept cars.

Anyone who buys a non-fungible token owns a special work. Artwork and metadata, that is, information that describes what this digital asset represents, will be stored in IPFS: a service that allows the owner to access their assets even if they are from the Internet. Connected or not.

Developed in 3 languages ​​(Portuguese, Spanish and English) for storing, exchanging and selling digital items on the digital garage platform, the public initially found two sets and cards in three rare levels: Hero ( About 80% of images are available), premium (about 15% collectors) and legend (less than 5%).

With less than 7 hours of sales on the first day, the success was immediate.

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