Waiter Jr. reveals the “fear” he took from Seedorf in an unusual story in Botafogo.

Attacking midfielder who played. Botafogo In 2012 Victor Jr. He recalled his time at the club in an interview with “Charla Podcast” last week. He has fond memories of Glorioso.

– It went really well. It’s a lot of fun to play. I got a chance to play in a very good team, then icing on cake, negão, the SeedorfWhich was ridiculous. I played in 2012, Seedorf continued in 2013. Every player was like a cameraman in a game, I was the one in my debut, I warmed up with him. In the game he arrived to perform, it was against Bahia, we won 3-0, then on the debut I warmed up with him. He arrived in the locker room, he didn’t even know it, he said that when I was playing he didn’t want the ball to hit his foot, he had to stay open because he liked it against another of my balls. Will arrive. No one snatched the ball from him. It was a lot of strength and quality – Waiter Jr. said.

However, these were not all flowers. Seedorf’s strong personality created curious episodes.

“He just talked too much. We don’t have that culture here. We lost a game. The mob wanted to kill us. They played beer. He wanted everyone to hang out together. I’ll be in the dressing room soon.” I want to go (laughs). He just called a meeting for the players, the boys liked me, because I was doing very well, I decided on some games. People trusted me a lot, they gave me the ball to do something different, they even told me to play one-on-one to get a place. We lost two matches called the meeting. Then he started talking about the individualistic team, I thought it was for me, I raised my arm and said I can name myself. “It’s for myself. And don’t stop me when I’m talking.” But the boys surrounded him already, because he talked a lot, they said I’m judging the games, I always play like that, it wasn’t my fault, it was everyone’s fault. He gave me some instructions which I could not do. There are collective and individual mistakes, but it wasn’t because I liked individualism that we lost games. I was already crazy, seeing him giving everyone a hard time, I really answered – waiter Jr. revealed.

The player also told a story Elkison And Seedorf.

– Alexon was a midfielder, Osvaldo de Oliveira Quarreled with لوکو ابریوIt turned out that Osvaldo invented the Alcatel in 9, he became a millionaire. We focused on General Severiano, I never liked to drink coffee, I just woke up at meal time. Old Seedorf got up early. I woke up at lunchtime, Elkison got angry, got angry, he said “Seidorf called me at 8 in the morning so I could watch Inzaghi’s videos in his room, he wanted me to act like They played together in Milan, “he said. Waiter Jr. is laughing.

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