We used a horse with a human skeleton in Assassin’s Creed and we didn’t even know it

The former Ubisoft developer says the decision was made due to limited resources.

When we talk about the games that invented, the belief in the first killer was one of them, of course. Freedom of movement was something that was impressive at the time. In a few moments of more open map, we could ride. And the horse we used was made of humans. Yes, weird, but one The former Ubisoft developer says that, due to technical limitations, Altair’s horse had a “human skeleton”.

Charles Randall He seems to be the type who likes a “blush” (just take a look at his Twitter), and also likes to talk about the development of the first killer’s faith. Talking about the structure of character modeling in the game, Randall commented that “the horse in AC1 was just a curved human skeleton. [email protected]# $%, Because our tool only works with biped in 3ds max “.

“Welcome to the amazing animators who made this man look like a horse,” Charles added. Earlier, he was talking about the body structure of the country, a character with one arm missing.

“In the killer’s belief, we didn’t have the budget for the country as needed, or part of the model, so its ‘arm that doesn’t exist’ is just backwards. I suppose you can On the camera, you will see a small arm inside your biceps, “the developer commented.

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He also says that if at some point, while playing Assassin’s Creed, you die crossing the boundaries of the scene, it is his fault. “In AC1, there was always a new way to take your character beyond the boundaries of the surface, allowing you access to places you shouldn’t go. I implemented my final ideological fix Fix: Kill the player. So if you ever die near the boundary wall for no reason? I do, “says Randall.

I Another tweet, He encourages Ubisoft to release a compilation of Watch Dogs: Legion Big Videos. “I really want them to trust me a little bit and let them go,” he comments.

Assassin’s Creed made a name for itself, even more so, reaching a point where fans themselves asked Ubisoft to take a break. Nevertheless, the franchise has become the largest in the industry and very profitable for the developer.


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