What is Metaverse?  Understand the new wave of internet – 10/04/2021

What is Metaverse? Understand the new wave of internet – 10/04/2021

* By Vivaldo José Breternitz

Term MetaversWhich often appears when talking about information technology, is used to identify a kind of virtual world, with the full use of digital devices, virtual reality, augmented reality and other modern technologies to realize reality. Tries to copy

Player No. 1, a 2018 sci-fi movie, offers a glimpse of what will happen Metavers. The hero of the film, an orphaned young man, escapes from his dark existence in the real world and dives into a virtual universe called OASIS, a digital utopia that allows users to live as they please. No limit

Inspired by science fiction, many CEOs of big technology companies say that soon, we will all be in a world of virtual reality, interactive, lively adventure and unlimited use, like movie characters. However, instead of OASIS, they call this universe. Metavers.

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The Metavers This is different from today’s virtual reality, where sophisticated hardware and limited software provide little opportunity for isolated experiences and intense interaction with other people. This technology of the future will be a huge community cyberspace, empowered by augmented reality and virtual reality, allowing our avatars to easily move from one activity to another.

Turn on Metavers This is a huge initiative, which requires standardization and collaboration between tech giants, who are unlikely to cooperate with each other. Despite this, many executives in the region say that we are moving in that direction.

“Facebook will be a company. Metavers“The company’s goal is to attract millions of people to cheap hardware and attractive software,” said Mark Zuckerberg in July. The foundation will grow its business. Therefore, the social network is investing billions of dollars in this area.

Facebook is not the only bet. Metavers. In May, Microsoft said it was developing software tools to help other companies develop technology-driven applications. Many gaming companies, including Fortuneite owner Epic Games, have released counterfeit software for the same purpose.

However, K. Metavers Does not exist and there is no well-defined deadline for its arrival. Despite Zuckerberg’s statement in 2017 that one billion people will soon use Oculus, a virtual reality device for video games, augmented reality and virtual reality have yet to conquer the masses and gain a foothold. In fact, it is far from certain.

This is another of the situations in which we may face a very deep revolution or a great failure. The Second Life case, launched by the London Lab in 2003, is worth remembering. The purpose of Second Life was to create a parallel reality, in which consumer sports, social, work, buying and selling, among other activities.

At first there was a lot of interest, with intense press coverage, but the enthusiasm was low and, at least in Brazil, many companies lost the good money spent on creating their own virtual versions.

* Vivaldo José Breternitz, PhD in Sciences from the University of Sao Paulo, Professor of the Faculty of Computing and Informatics at the Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie.

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