What is the value of both bank accounts of Luواa de Pedrero?

The controversy over the relationship between Ferreira, also known as Luva de Pedro, and his manager, Alan Jesus, has just reached a new stage. Inspiring’s new career managers, who at the time preferred to remain anonymous, described in the LeoDias column the shocking state of the young man’s only two bank accounts.

According to the new entrepreneur, Luva de Pedreiro has two bank accounts with a total value of R $ 7,500 and insists that if Alan Jesus says he has another bank account, The perpetrator does not know.


As previously reported, the LeoDias column conducted an investigation with a source in the area of ​​influence marketing who once investigated a quote in the Iowa media. Result? Too many numbers!

To give you an idea, the start was so promising that even without a feature with any company, its first big billing was R $ 300 thousand. The blast came shortly after, when two months ago, the young Baha’i turned the dream of Amazon Prime Video users into popularizing the streaming service’s sports program menu. The deal did not cost him less than R $ 1 million.

Where did that money go?

It is understandable how all this money was managed, because even after the explosion on social media, the young man still lives in a simple house in the interior of Bahia. Until this Tuesday (21/6), the talented Tucktucker’s career was under the umbrella of ASJ Consultoria, which was owned by businessman Alan Jesus, but after the controversy, it is now managed under other names, who have revealed their identities. Preferred not to

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