What it is, when it happens and how to participate in it // News // FFW

What it is, when it happens and how to participate in it // News // FFW

Grab it now: We already have the history of Fashion Week in Metavers. The Decentraland Platform announced the first Metaverse Fashion Week on March 24, which will feature four days of fashion shows, showrooms, stores, lectures and virtual events.

Among the participating brands, there are rumors that Hugo Boss, Burberry and Balenciaga have been confirmed, and according to the organization, even more luxury brands, emerging and digital creators are involved in the project.

Decentraland is a virtual reality platform powered by the Ethereum blockchain. She is investing heavily in fashion and is already one of the most popular references in Metavers, in which many investors are buying land, as users explore this virtual universe in digital while exploring, interacting and playing. Can buy and sell real estate.

Metavers Fashion Week aims to be a virtual venue for World Fashion Week and a kind Test drive Brands to test virtual world platform technology. Avatars will parade items that can be bought and worn in the virtual world – we can also expect some brands to reproduce some of the pieces in the physical world.

How to participate

The week runs from March 24 to 27 and you get it from the Decentraland website – there you have all the information, like a manual for beginners about interacting with the platform. Here you have announcements of events happening there and frequently asked questions (English content).

To leave Decentraland, you need a PC or Mac computer with Chrome, Firefox or Brave installed. And to get the full experience, you need a digital wallet, which works just like your personal account.

The b side of the meteors

The arrival of the Metavers was certainly anticipated by the epidemic, which has digitized a variety of physical experiences, from dramas to fashion shows. A lot has changed in two years. Fashion is fully open to digital, which, in a way, has democratized fashion weeks. While in the physical world we have to be invited to the parade, in the digital world, everyone will see the same thing.

Not so in Metavers. This fashion week, for example, most events are open to the public, but do you think brands are already asking about VIP access and front row seats? That is, the barriers and attitudes of the material world are already being copied in the metavers. We barely started talking about access to the fashion world, then this world emerged which is brand new, but will work like an old world.

How much does Burberry pay to attend? Will even a small brand have the resources to be a part of it? Who are the people behind the organization, who invite brands, who chooses “casting”, who enters, who participates and what experience can this person have access to?

Another point is: what kind of equipment do you need access to? There are virtual and augmented reality devices that cost a few thousand dollars.

Will Metavers, for all its modernity and technology, mimic the bad habits of the real world?

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