Which is the best game of Round of 16?

The Round of 16 of the Copa du Brazil 2022 begins today (22). The new round of the knockout tournament features four regional classic and major clashes, such as the Atlético-MG x Flamengo, which have already been encountered. Another last weekend for Brasileirão.

What’s going on, What is the best game of Copa du Brazil Round of 16? Remember the dates of the one-sided contest and see what the columnists vote for UOL Sport.

  • Atletico-GO vs. Goiás | Wednesday (22), 7 p.m.
  • Bahia vs. Atletico | Wednesday (22), 19:30
  • Fortaleza vs. Planet | Wednesday (22), 20:00
  • Atletico MG vs. Flamengo | Wednesday (22), 21:30
  • Corinthians X Santos | Wednesday (22), 21:30
  • Flumens vs. Cruzeiro | Thursday (23), 7 p.m.
  • Sao Paulo vs. Palmyra | Thursday (23), 20:00
  • América-MG vs. Botafogo | Thursday (30), 7 p.m.

I vote for São Paulo x Palmeiras because of the high temperatures of the recent clashes between the teams, with Atlético-MG x Flamengo, so that could mean the end of each. The most beautiful party and the biggest feud, however, should be in Fortaleza x Ceará, in which both fans are present. Stadium
Alicia Clean

The games for Brazil over the weekend highlighted Atletico and Palmeiras’ support against Flamingo and Sao Paulo. Conflicts that will be big in terms of tradition, but no big surprise. Therefore, the most attractive are Ceará x Fortaleza and Fluminense x Cruzeiro.
Andre Rocha

Atlético x Flamengo, for everything the two have played in the past and continue to play in the present.
جوکا کفوری۔

Atletico MG vs. Flamengo. Although both teams are not in the best stage, they still have the best squads in the country with Palmyra and they should play two good games. Ceará x Fortaleza, two clubs that have developed in recent years and a respectable mention with a great deal of animosity.
Marcel Rizzo

I live with Sao Paulo vs. Palmyra, even because of the “Bellecos” atmosphere of the last match. Despite the big differences between the two teams, the games between them have been very controversial, except for the defeat at the end of Paulistão.

The best and most awaited Atlético-MG x Flamengo. Coordinated teams and the biggest inter-state feud in Brazil. Other games can be interesting too, but definitely with less technical level!
Milton News

São Paulo x Palmeiras, in theory, would be the best because it is a collision that has created great games. It looks like a sack that encloses with a drawstring.

I believe São Paulo x Palmeiras can present the best show. The last game was already great. But in almost every clash there is the potential for big matches.
Renato Mauricio Prado

Atletico MG vs. Flamengo. This would have been the 2021 final if Renato Gaúcho’s Flamengo had not stumbled at home in the semi-final against Athletico-PR. They have already reached the final of the Supercopa do Brazil this year, in a clash between the champion and the last Brasileirão runner-up. There are high expectations to see who survives the Copa du Brazil.
Rodolfo Rodriguez

It will probably be Fluminense x Cruzeiro. Two teams that don’t drop the ball to play and manage aggressively. Technically they don’t have the best players, but they have to play well at this stage.
Rodrigo Coutinho

Fortaleza x Ceará is the best game because, apart from the local animosity, which is the spirit of football, it allows for the presence of both spectators in the stadium.
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