Who was better in the last 10 years?


Stephen Curry and LeBron James are definitely the two most famous players of the current generation. With a gap of six years between the two players entering the league, Curry and LeBron have been at loggerheads for almost a decade and dominated the league.

Since 2015, there has been only one NBA final match that did not feature Curry or LeBron. The two met four times in a row in the final. LeBron has had more successes throughout his career, but now that Curry has added him to the title, many are wondering which of the two has been better over the last 10 years.

Bill Siemens decided to discuss the issue in his podcast, detailing the achievements of both players during this period. He gave LeBron a slight lead, but admitted that Curry’s argument was far better than anyone could have guessed.

“Was Curry the best player of the last 10 years? People would say it was LeBron, but now we have a whole decade of Curry. 2013-2022. In those years, LeBron had a record of 3-4 in the final, while Curry A 4-2 record. LeBron had seven “All-NBA First Teams”, one “Second Team” and two “Third Teams”, one of which he did not deserve. Curry had four “All-N”. There were three BA first teams, three “second teams” and one “third team.” In points, they are very similar, 18K for LeBron and 16.9K for Steph. In winning, LeBron is a little better. “

“Overall, it’s much closer than I expected. I would assume it’s LeBron, but I think it only gives LeBron a hair’s breadth. But it’s so close, I was surprised. “

It’s a famous NBA feud that many will remember years after he retired. Curry has already become the biggest three-point shooter ever, but LeBron will soon become the greatest scorer of all time, surpassing Karim Abdul Jabbar on this score.

These are racial myths and should be appreciated. LeBron has played more basketball than Curry so far, so many will be more inclined to pick him because of his overall success. But when he retires, Curry could be very close to LeBron in this conversation.

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