With delays in Starfield and Redfall, first party programming on the Xbox Game Pass may be crowded.

With delays in Starfield and Redfall, first party programming on the Xbox Game Pass may be crowded.

With delays in Starfield and Redfall, first party programming on the Xbox Game Pass may be crowded.

There’s something wrong with Redmond, because two years after the launch of the Xbox Series X, finding yourself with a potentially empty year in terms of first-party games. S, after the strong year of 2021. Obviously, we understand all the bad situations in this case, which are many and very true: the epidemic of covid, the crisis of raw materials and semiconductors, even the war in Ukraine (which, however, has strong implications for development). In the field of Xbox, which includes a large area of ​​developers and insiders like Eastern Europe), but considering all this, it is strange to see that the internal productions of Xbox Game Pass remain hidden, even Period of 2021. Especially considering the size of the Xbox game studios so far and the amount of teams and projects.

From this point of view, too, the delays imposed by Starfield and Red Fall are particularly severe: the relative lack of games. First party The release of two Betesda titles on the Xbox can be well-paid, especially the first one that seems to be a very important event game. We are talking about a giant. 24 development teams. (Including from Bethesda), which is also preparing to include the giant. Activation Blizzard (Unless the FTC intervenes), how is it possible that you are in this situation?

The timing of the most recent acquisition was certainly not in his favor: Bethesda was acquired at a time when he had already signed. Feature with SonyFind yourself in the awkward situation of releasing your first games as an Xbox First Party exclusively on PS5 and PS4.

Similarly, Obsidian, InXile and Double Fine Xbox came out of the much-demanded productions as they passed through game studios, or were about to release some pre-announced games. As a result, the new course within Microsoft represents a complete reset for many developers who find themselves starting out with new projects in recent years. Considering this, however, it may be time to come up with some concrete proposals around 2018, considering that the competition seems to be launching even more complex projects in less time and in the same difficult circumstances. Has been successful. Of course, Microsoft intends to create a welcoming and absolutely anti-crunch work environment, but that shouldn’t stop the more logical organization of work.

However, is it too early for decisions because the Xbox and Bethesda Showcase 2022 conference on June 12 will show a change in pace in this direction? We hope that there are finally a lot of projects at work that we know nothing about, and that they could be released in the coming months.

We may have a collection of games for 2023 with Redfall and Starfield, because at least according to rumors, many titles should be announced for the next one. Now we have no choice but to wait for the conference on the 12th.

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