With Fagner’s return, finally the Corinthians show by waiter Pereira – 06/23/2022

Santos facilitated the home team’s work at the New Quimica Arena, without the cooperation of Leo Baptistau, opening the Flanks with Lucas Braga on the right. In the opposite direction, too, young Lucas Pires was left by Jon Julio, both overloaded by Sandri and Venezia Zanosillo, midfielder on the sidelines and Fabian Bustos ahead of Rodrigo Fernandez 4-3-3.

But Vitor Pereira’s Corinthians had already crossed paths with unorganized or too technically limited teams and had difficulty asserting themselves. Or fail to combine performance and results with such power.

If the lack of consistency on Brazil’s vice-leadership can be questioned, the team ran for the Copa du Brazil at home in Santos’ 4-0 over, taking the place to the quarter-finals.

Much to Fagner’s return, starting the game after 11 games for an ankle sprain. It was about 20 minutes against the Goiás and a definite return to the classic. Triangle with Du Queiroz or Giuliano, Mantuan or Willian, or even the light and mobile Corinthians with Roger Guedes who naturally took a 3-0 lead in the first half.

Also strong on the left, with the support of Lucas Patten, who served Mantouan in the first round. Fagner, who had already assisted the Gades in Corinthians’ first great chance in the game, crossed for the Queries, which ended and the ball bounced off Galileo to leave Joao Paulo’s reach. Another advantage of Veteran Pereira’s team was that they had to reach the opposing area with at least four players.

Another villain returning from an ankle injury also stood out and played for Fagner to score the second goal, and in the third Raul took a corner on Gustav’s head, consolidating his dominance with 11 shots. Seven from inside the area, six on target, and no one hit Cassio’s target.

The home team’s goalkeeper only appeared to save Marcos Leonardo’s end, in a more organized second half, especially after Zanosillo’s dismissal in the 16th minute of the second half. It’s time for the coach to put on “fresh legs” and handle the tough marathon, which will include another meeting with the Santos and a duel with the Libertadores for the Boca Juniors.

Giuliano took advantage of his numerical superiority and opponent’s fatigue to score another goal. Only Corinthians were deposited during the second control period, with 59% occupancy. With many players again in the Santos area. Fell was expected in the first classic won by the team with the Portuguese coach and exactly the tonic of the show. anyway.

With Fagner, though, entering the rotation that measures veterans’ minutes, the Corinthians are strong on all fronts. On return, Santos must be respected, but it will be possible to manage without so much physical and mental fatigue. An asset in such crazy weather.

(Statistics: sofa score)

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