“You want to sit at a table where there is power and influence,” explains John Textor, adhering to Botafogo’s Libra.

“You want to sit at a table where there is power and influence,” explains John Textor, adhering to Botafogo’s Libra.

After adopting a neutral stance, Botafogo Joined the Brazilian Football League this Friday, when John Textor attended a meeting in Sao Paulo with the leaders of the group’s founding clubs. In an interview with GE’s blog Negócios do Esporte, Glorioso’s majority shareholder, who has always defended a strong league, explained the reasons for choosing Libra.

– I think, from Botafogo’s point of view, we are being asked: would you like to sit at the table with the biggest clubs in Brazil, who are likely to be the leaders of the biggest brands in the country? , When People Think Brazilian Football? When the Premier League started, imagine if Crystal Palace was asked: Will you be the smallest club in the Big Six or the biggest club in the group of 14? The decision is clear. You want to sit at a table where there is power and influence. This is not the best example, because Botafogo itself is a big and very successful club, with great champions, a club that everyone knows is a sleeping giant. It’s okay to be at the table with big Brazilian clubs – Textor explained.

According to the owner of SAF do Botafogo, there was no need for the club to join Libra.

– I have seen in the press that I have made demands, and this is not true. The word “demand” is very strong. We’ve been invited to the club community, and everyone has something to bring to the table. There is incredible diversity in ownership models, some clubs are private, like Bragantino, some are civil associations. The presidents of these associations are very diverse in terms of their experience, they have excellent CVs. So I arrived just like the person sitting at the table, “said Texter.

The main debate between the clubs revolves around the distribution of quotas. Libra has 40% equal, 30% for championship placement and 30% for engagement. “Opponents” do not agree and they have suggested 50% -25% -25%. John Texter alleviated this problem.

– In the formula, I’m not sure what it’s like now, but the way it started, 40-30-30… 40% evenly distributed, 30% based on performance and 30% on fan engagement. I have only tried to say one thing, now and over time, because this formula will be used for so many years, it would be amazing if rules were made to encourage certain types of attitudes, which Help everyone Yes, this formula is considered to be very thoughtful in the past, which brings value in them. Yes, Flamingo, Corinthians and Palmyra deserve it. But it is also about the future. You want those who are still there, and those investors who are not yet part of this equation, to invest in a way that helps everyone, “said John Textor.

– Instead of having a difficult, easily manipulated matrix to measure like social media followers, I think it could have bad consequences on the road. The important thing is who pays attention to the game. What matters is the fans, the fans who really support it. Television audiences matter, which is measured very accurately in the world. Chain issues. Which clubs are doing their best to draw attention to the Brazilian league as a whole? It must be rewarded, because in the same way we have to encourage small clubs to get investors. The world is changing, so is Brazil. We mean: this is what everyone should look for, and the rules of how we distribute money tell you how to behave. I just suggest that we don’t focus too much on the formulas where we are now, but encourage us where we want to be in the future. “

Finally, John Textor thanked the founding clubs of Libra for welcoming him, which he hopes to include with his knowledge of the Premier League and other leagues.

– I expected to arrive at this meeting yesterday as “American who arrives late to the party and doesn’t know how Brazilian football works”, that they would not listen to me, because they are big and successful. Are; why? Do they care But I have to say, Rodrigo. I received more than I expected. I knew I would meet good people, but I did not expect them to be so open-minded, to hear a different point of view. We really hugged. They welcomed us with open minds for ideas that I thought were fixed, that could not be changed. They were very open to change. There will be some difficulties in the short term, but we are talking about the flexibility of this model in two, three, five years. I’m sure that’s the right group, and it’s not fair to say they don’t care about others. They want to expand the league and make everyone stronger.


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